Golden Globes 2009

AR Rahman won the golden globe. So proud of this represntation of India in yesterday’s globes.

Do I hear the Oscar’s coming?

One thing that bugged me, could they butcher his name anymore? They pronounced it wrong all the way and then and the next set of presenters came by and corrected it saying it should be pronounced “RoohMaan” which was wrong too!

Is it too much to ask that they care enough to atleast get an international music maestro’s name right in such a widely publicized global award show? but that’s just me.

Just FYI it is pronounced “RAH-MAAN”.

Super Talent – Kanye West

Kanye West oozes talent and I hope he makes it this time around.


More Stupidity

Heartwearming isn’t it to find out more and more about the ignorance( or is it stupidity that roots off of arrogance?) of some people who live here.

She is a ‘country’ singer, Kelly Pickler. A recent contestant on American Idol, she didn’t win but came 6th or 7th(not sure!). She is doing quite well for herself with her career in singing and being a celebrity taking off quite well.

I have to mention that she first caught people’s eye even during the American Idol competition not because of anything else but her absolutely jawdropping ignorance. Every word that came out of her mouth ever since has made every one go “WHAT? Did she just say that?”……..definitely not in a smart, articulate or remotely coherent way. She apparently just moved from the midwest to LA? Does being in the midwest warrant you being ignorant to the rest of the country and the world? I guess in America it does! She’s not the first one you know.

You all might have heard and seen Miss. South Carolina messing up her speech? Hey that’s nothing. That atleast was a one time thing.

You shoud watch this one talk and converse. It’s a hoot. There are many ‘kelly’isms. She is ONE person who sure makes George Dubya seem like Einstein.

Read these posts of mine and this will make more sense. Post 1 , Post 2

Oprah Does Youtube

We all know youtube is the new superpower that is soon gonna take over the world ! So what does Oprah do? Start her own channel on Youtube…but of course! Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

What is she going to cover in this ? Something that she hasn’t already covered in her other million media outlets ? Her TV show, her after the show segment, her magazines, her radio show, her Satelite radio show weren’t enough…so now Youtube???

Gosh, I try really hard to go a few hours in a day without seeing her face plastered on every media outlet that exists. I get a few hours on Youtube without hearing news abut her or how great she is. I try going about my life normally trying to be good and do right in my own way without being reminded that there is an O angel that guards America and the world from evil doing.

You tube was my escape and now thats been branded O too. I’m not going to give any link here to her Youtube channel because if you go on Youtube, be sure to see her face, watch her video on every page which of course would’ve been viewed a few million times. Its totally fool proof.

On a side note : I always wondered why she is on single cover of every magazine she does…We don’t see that in the case of many other magazines do we? Where the owners face is on every cover? This self branding…That’s a bit weird to me. I’ve always wondered why there has been this need to put her face on everything she owns.

I’m sure we all already know she has billions and almost owns the world. She can do anything, she is capable of everything etc etc. I’m sure she knows it by now too, then why this overbranding and over doing of this O stuff? Well whatever….

Reuniting Season

First it was Spice Girls reunting and selling tickets at obnoxious prices and in an even more obnoxious 38 second sell out ! Now its time for two more yesteryear bands to renunite.

Remember Aqua? The Danish dance-pop group best known for their breakthrough single “Barbie Girl”? They are reuniting! And so is Ace of Base. All you 90′s teenagers sure have heard about them! Let’s see what they pull out now….a decade after their last hit.

The Lion and the Mouse

Did you watch her Royal Highness ‘heiress’ Paris Hilton on David Letterman a few days ago? She was dragged around, pummelled, pounded and destroyed much like a rag doll.

I thought she took a vow to not do the “Im so dumb in a cute way” act since her epiphany in prison…But guess not! She swore never to return to Letterman a few months back because she felt uncomfortable everytime she was there ( translation: ” He’s too smart for me to comprehend and hold a conversation. Also his IQ is more than 10″) Wonder why she came back to get ragged more all over again!

But then again , she claims to be a “shrewd hard-working businesswoman”, so anything to market your product and make a buck a right? She was there to promote a new perfume of hers(like the other 50 she has her name on aren’t enough already).

The Crash & Burn of Movie Remakes

Recently we’ve been seeing the concept of remaking movies in Indian cinema drastically increase. This has been a common practice for a very long time but they always used to be remakes from International languages to Indian languages. There are atleast a few thousand movies that have been taken from Hollywood, French cinema, Italian Cinema and Asian cinema over the past few decades.

Now the trend is to remake an their own Indian movies that were once a big hit 20 or 30 years ago into the same language more apt for modern times, giving it a spin of current trends, styles and events. This new concept is heavily inspired from Hollywood too, I’m guessing.

Just like “Pearl Harbor”,”Bewitched”, “The longest yard”, “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, “The bad news bears”, “The Dukes of Hazzard”, “Godzilla”, ” King Kong”,” The Fly”, ” Cape Fear” and so many more that have been remade in the recent years. What’s the common thread? All of them bombed.

The exact same state of affairs with Indian movies too. Until now every single recent yesteryear remake I have seen have been astoundingly bad and I’m very skeptical about some upcoming ones too.

Some of the recent Hindi language remakes are “Don” (70′s movie Don), ” Ram gopal Verma Ki Aag” ( 70′s hit Sholay), “Victoria No 203″ ( 70′s movie with the same name), “Umrao Jaan” ( 80′s movie with the same name), “Devdas” , ““Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon” ( 70′s movie Chitchor).  Out of this whole bunch, Don was bearable but otherwise all else were remarkably boring, dispassionate and disconnected.

In Tamil, I recently watched “Naan Avan Illai” a remake of a phenomenal film with the same title from the 60′s. With all the bad expectation I had, it actually was not half as bad!

Upcoming Tamil films are remake of Billa, one my favorite Rajinikanth movies from the 70′s. It is apparently being remade with Ajith Kumar , one of the few actors I actually detest!It’s going to be interesting to see how he’s gonna fill the mammoth superstar’s shoes. Kadhalika Neramillai my all time favorite movie from the 70′s is in the remake lane too.


Have you watched the caveman commercial for that auto insurance company that became so unbelievably popular ? You must have because it runs only a 100 times a day! If you haven’t seen it yet, Here are all of them :

The caveman in all these ads are depicted as an expressive bunch who are always upset with the world’s view of their intelligence and the world’s stereotypes of the cavemen. The commercials when first released did seem kinda funny. The pissed-off cavemen made me laugh, but I think it is very tricky to expand their nonsensical 30 second concept into an ongoing sitcom and that too 22 minutes long. I seriously wish that they would have stopped with the quirky and edgy commercial. Making a TV series based on it was a bad bad idea. 

The pilot episode aired today and it was so excruciating to watch! Astoundingly miserable execution and appalling dialogs and delivery.  The ‘so-called’ stereotype that they tried to depict made a parallel and took a shot at every possible minority group that exists.  Will “Cavemen” be the first of a wave of commercial-to-TV-show mutations? You must know the answer to this having read thus far! There was not one funny, remotely sensible, logical , quirky or interesting second in the 22 minutes that this enormous mistake of a show aired.

Spice Girls

All us 90′s teens surely remember the Spice Girls and how maniacal their success and popularity was! And now they are having a reunion…after almost a decade.

Tickets to the group’s London reunion show – their first time together in nine years – sold out in 38 seconds, the BBC reports. More than 1 million people registered for the concert to be played London’s O2 Arena, according to the show’s promoters, who added three more London dates to accommodate the demand. Top ‘legal’ ticket price is $150, though in some places tickets are selling for $900 each. Go Figure!

Tickets to the Spice Girls show in the United States go on sale Monday.

More Russell Peters!

I spent my Friday night very productively! Doing what? Well, I went for a standup comedy show at the Comedy connection, Boston. Oh and It was my favorite comic mastermind, Russell Peters performing. And he did not disappoint!

He was just mindblowingly funny! My whole face was hurting with all the laughing and don’t even get me started about my jaw ! I have heard about the phrase ‘laughing until your sides split’. This was the first time I experienced it.

Sorry I couldn’t record any of it, but you can check him out when he visits your town. Here’s where to find out when and where.

Read more about him and check out some of his videos here. Check out more funny people performing at the Comedy Connection in Boston.


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