Truly inspiring

“Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are who you are

I really enjoy this quote which beautifully captures the essence of the important concept of being who you are, and being true to yourself  in every decision you make and at every moment in your life.
If you want to be someone you are not, you would’ve been created that way to begin with!

“Be what you are.  This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.”

 – Julius Charles Hare

I smile everytime I read this story

Here is my favorite story/quote from one of the most interesting books I’ve read. I have mentioned this story ( in the “How Happy are you” post)  and reviewed the book previously. The book is “The Practice and Philosophy of Decision making : A Seven step Spiritual Guide” by Neeraja Raman.

Here’s how the story goes :

A big cat saw a kitten chasing its tail and asked, “Why are you chasing your tail?”
Said the kitten, “I have learned that the best thing for a cat is happiness and that happiness is in my tail. Therefore I am chasing it and when I catch it, I shall have happiness.”
Said the old cat, “My child, I too have paid attention to the problems of the universe. I too have judged that happiness is in my tail. But I have noticed that whenever I chase it, it runs away from me and when I go about my business, it just seems to come after me wherever I go.”

This is my life mantra. I try and adhere to it as often as I can as hard as possible. It’s not as easy as it’s said but definitely something worth following.


“The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed.”                  

-Gordon Parks

True Bliss

“We must like what we have, when we don’t have what we like.”

- Roger de Bussy-Rabutin

Wise words….

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Don’t criticize or condemn

Here is one of my all time favorite quotes about personal judgement.  Why should we humans judge each other based on anything? To judge, you should be superior. No human is superior to another. Espcially based on gender, race, language, money, class, caste and religion. It is good and necessary to have that basic humility to have a happy life.

This quote will change your outlook the next time you want to judge someone.

“God himself, does not propose to judge man until the end of his days, Why should you and I?”

- Dr.Samuel Johnson

Quought by Rajesh Setty

Quought = Question that provokes thought.
Questions are important. Thinking is important. Questions that make you think are very important!
                                                                                           – Rajesh Setty

 In the list of interesting quotes, the author is usually a 17th, 18th century literary pundit of some form. In that list, I feature Rajesh Setty a current day contemporary, young, intelligent and extremely interesting blogger.

The name ‘Rajesh Setty’ might be familiar to you if you are a regular reader of my blog. He is also on the “Blogs I read” column on the left of this page. I read his blog almost like a daily ritual. He is ‘the’ most interesting blogger I have known. His simplicity is what captivates me and keeps me coming back for more. There is no snooty fancy words wrapped around his thought, it’s  just all pure words. Invigorating and thought provoking words. Whether you agree with what he writes or not, whether you subscribe to his beliefs or not,  it is more than worthwhile reading what he has to say. If you need a daily food for thought, here is more about him and his blog.

This blog peice is strongly inspired from my favorite and a great quote :

“Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers”

- Voltaire

My Life in one line…

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”
                                                                                          – Frank A. Clark

This quote is 100% my life. I’m sure this is true for many of you all too. Its almost like my karma or something to always face atmost adversity and difficulty before I get something in my life.


I am grateful that atleast after all the obstacles on the way, in the end, I always get what I aspire for and need. It just takes me longer and the path is not smooth. But hey I’m not complaining. Along with the obstacles and rough path I also have the strength, will power and grit to face whatever is thrown my way and deal with it. So, in the end, its all good.

Life sure is a journey and it is SO not about the destination. I doubt if there is ever any destination. Its always about the path and the journey.

Best argument against democracy

One adult American in five thinks the Sun revolves around the Earth. Ofcourse they do. I am not surprised, considering the fact that 41% still think Saddam was behind 9/11. 44% think that the second coming of Jesus will take place in the next 50 years and 28% still think that Bush is doing a great job at running the country.

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” -Winston Churchhill

Aptitude tests to general public mostly ends in disaster, atleast as far as I see on TV in entertainment shows and otherwise. Be it Science, their own American history, Math or anything else other than entertainment for that matter. The only thing everyone unanimously is aware of is what bag Brtiney spears is carrying or when Paris hilton is out of jail.

I remember in school(more than 10 years ago) I not only had to read my country’s history, I had to read world history along with civics too. And today, its so hard for people to identify and even care about who their own president is and what he’s up to. And then we complain or wonder why there is a wrong guy in the highest power in this country. Why wouldn’t there be?

A great article that sparked this blog :


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