A Bird named Einstein

You can guess that a bird named Einstein must be some kind of a genius and it is. Amazing!

Dubya’s comedy routine

I was actually quite surprised by this speech. I have seen many Bush-isms before, many videos of his nonsensical slurs, mistakes etc  but NEVER a comedy routine from him!

I guess at this point he just wants to beat everyone else to the punch by humiliating, ridiculing and mocking himself, his government, his intelligence(or lack thereof) and this entire 8 year joke of a presidency, before someone else does.

But I have to say the writers have done a fantastic job. And as for Dubya I really do applaud him ONLY because it is NOT easy to mock and humiliate yourself like this! They say you should laugh at your mistakes before people do, but this is at a whole different level. This was a little standup comedy routine and even a bit of roast of Obama and a few other candidates inbetween.

Entertainment value wise gold. But to me, its just mostly sad to see the leader of the so called free world who holds THE most powerful position as the President of the US, to stand there making a complete fool of himself. Sad and Pityful.


Bingo! The holygrail of stereotype. Funny though!

Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor. Here is the Wiki on him. Here are a few pieces of his work I found when I researched a bit about him.

He sure has elevated sculpting to a whole new level ! It blows my mind everytime I see his work. Check them out.

Flawless, genial work which I’m sure is making you speechless right now. He’s so good that it creeps me out a bit actually!
















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More Stupidity

Heartwearming isn’t it to find out more and more about the ignorance( or is it stupidity that roots off of arrogance?) of some people who live here.

She is a ‘country’ singer, Kelly Pickler. A recent contestant on American Idol, she didn’t win but came 6th or 7th(not sure!). She is doing quite well for herself with her career in singing and being a celebrity taking off quite well.

I have to mention that she first caught people’s eye even during the American Idol competition not because of anything else but her absolutely jawdropping ignorance. Every word that came out of her mouth ever since has made every one go “WHAT? Did she just say that?”……..definitely not in a smart, articulate or remotely coherent way. She apparently just moved from the midwest to LA? Does being in the midwest warrant you being ignorant to the rest of the country and the world? I guess in America it does! She’s not the first one you know.

You all might have heard and seen Miss. South Carolina messing up her speech? Hey that’s nothing. That atleast was a one time thing.

You shoud watch this one talk and converse. It’s a hoot. There are many ‘kelly’isms. She is ONE person who sure makes George Dubya seem like Einstein.

Read these posts of mine and this will make more sense. Post 1 , Post 2


You will want to remove the word disability from the dictionary after seeing this video. What is disability? Why are called disabled when they are able to do just about do anything? Infact sometimes more than the so called ‘able’ humans.

Just another form of judgement and seggregation we humans came up with as usual. See this video and all that is shattered.

“A guy who lost his leg dances with a girl who lost her arm in a car accident.
the dance won forst prize in annual dance competetion on CCTV9 international, beijing”

Yogi B & Natchathira’s Ticket to Fame

I’m sure all you Tamil music followers know about Yogi B and Natchathira and their musical experiments. They first shot to fame with this remix and remake work on Ilaiyaraaja’s classic “Madai Thiranthu” song from the movie Nizhalgal.

We were all instantly hooked with their captivating and creative effort. They totally revamped an already fantastic song making it reach today’s music fans adopting the recent trend of hip hop and mad beats.

They have a new song out for the movie “Polladhavan”. NOT a remake of the Rajinikanth movie from the 80’s, thank god !

The song is yet another remix of a classic ” Engeyum Epodhum Sangeetham Sandosham” from the 70’s movie Ninaithaale Innikum, done their way ofcourse. Like it? What do you think?

I really like the song. I’ve been listening to it over and over again. It’s has a great original tune, very peppy, enthusiastic and captivating beats and SPB’s voice has to been given special mention. For me, his voice is the key factor. He could song the telephone directory and I’ll love it, but that’s just me!

The song achieves its purpose of revitalizing a 30 year old song adapted perfectly to today’s trend.

I only hope there were some copyright laws that existed and the musical geniuses who came up with this song originally are attributed something! It seems like we have forgotten them all together and yet seem to need their songs all the time. On that note, ARR has done a remix of “ponmagal vandhaal” in his latest movie. The original by MSV from the movie Sorgam.

Yogi B & Natchathira have found their ticket to fame. If they keep remixing yesteryear’s great hits and some wonderful songs, which seems to be their success formula, they have a few thousand hits in their future!

Oprah Does Youtube

We all know youtube is the new superpower that is soon gonna take over the world ! So what does Oprah do? Start her own channel on Youtube…but of course! Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

What is she going to cover in this ? Something that she hasn’t already covered in her other million media outlets ? Her TV show, her after the show segment, her magazines, her radio show, her Satelite radio show weren’t enough…so now Youtube???

Gosh, I try really hard to go a few hours in a day without seeing her face plastered on every media outlet that exists. I get a few hours on Youtube without hearing news abut her or how great she is. I try going about my life normally trying to be good and do right in my own way without being reminded that there is an O angel that guards America and the world from evil doing.

You tube was my escape and now thats been branded O too. I’m not going to give any link here to her Youtube channel because if you go on Youtube, be sure to see her face, watch her video on every page which of course would’ve been viewed a few million times. Its totally fool proof.

On a side note : I always wondered why she is on single cover of every magazine she does…We don’t see that in the case of many other magazines do we? Where the owners face is on every cover? This self branding…That’s a bit weird to me. I’ve always wondered why there has been this need to put her face on everything she owns.

I’m sure we all already know she has billions and almost owns the world. She can do anything, she is capable of everything etc etc. I’m sure she knows it by now too, then why this overbranding and over doing of this O stuff? Well whatever….

iMunchies & iBeer

How interesting are these??

Hottrix does these applications for the iPhone. I happened to visit their website and realized they have a lot more gimmick stuff in there. The have stuff for magicians, tricks for your Palm, iPod&iPhone ofcourse, windows and lots more. Apparently their iPod and iPhone tricks are award winning! Go check them out.

America to the Rescue

Just funny in an ironic way !

American foreign policy is claimed to be a delicate and intricately laid out web that requires masterclass experience, because it is said to affect world foreign policy. You decide!


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