The Immigration Fiasco

Have you ever wondered, what on earth is going on with the INS??  Well here’s the deal……
 Until 2004 the quota of H1B visas was 195,000 per year.  The quota opens April 1st and they receive applications all through summer and they start processing and approving applications to ensure you start work on October 1st.  For some obscure (political?) reason it was decided in 2005 that it would do America good to reduce the quota to 65,000. How were they going to handle this sudden drop??? Well, they opened up a special advanced degree quota of 20,000 H1B’s for people with a Masters(or higher) degree from the US so it would give us an advantage and we will not compete directly for quota with people from other countries trying to get a H1B for temporary work here or are not residents of the US. This is the “ideal and organized” solution they think they have created.  

In the last couple of years with the exponential growth of jobs opportunities all around the world (especially India and China) this mere pittance of quota is not quite enough to satisfy the IT giants of even one country(India),  forget being enough for the entire world and not to forget there are a million more lines of work other than IT !!!! 

This year 2007 has been the worst this country has ever known in terms of chaos and total lack of control dealing with H1B’s. The quota opened April 2nd 2007 and closed April 3rd 2007 with an overwhelming 200,000 applications for a quota of 65,000. Now what are they going to do? They’re going to play the lottery and gamble with the careers of all these 200,000 people.  If you’re lucky, and if the computer picks you, you’re a winner (yaay!) if not …then… : ( 

Now this is not so bad if you are in your home country and already have a current job and life to get back to. What about the guys/girls on a H4 visa dependant on their spouses in this country? Well all they can do is spend $3000 every year and wait and see if they are going to win the lottery and hit the jackpot. If not this year, then wait another 12 months to try again, not to get it for sure, but just to be in the running for the lottery again next year. This is the current State of affairs.  

In my case in the area of Biotechnology& Bioinformatics opportunities are plenty but sadly ignorance to this whole world of immigration paperwork is in plenty too. In the last one year, in the 50+ interviews that I have been called for, majority of opportunities have fallen through the crack just because there is too much paperwork and responsibility that I bring along. Since my arrival in this country, with all the help I can get from many mentors in this field , I have worked towards building very unique skill sets that are very specific and hard to come by very easily …..Why? to overcome this problem of extra paperwork responsibility I carry as an Immigrant. I fell into this hole simply because my first job right out of grad school was in academic scientific research. I am trying to crossover to the industry/corporate side of things. Lemme tell you, it isn’t easy!!  Well what am I going to do about this? Nothing but wait and fight it out. I know I will. It’s just a matter of time in this case of Me Vs this system that obviously doesn’t work. 


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