Orkut – The New Networking Drug

I call orkut a drug because of the addiction it causes ! And yes, I am one. It has single-handedly brought back hundreds of my friends back into my life !

Do you ever wonder about your life in school and college ?  When I see pictures or think about life through school and of-course my most memorable college years,  I recognize and remember every single one of them in my class, the hundreds of others in my batch and many more in the batches before and after mine. There were some great people whom I hung out with and spent almost  every waking moment of time which is quite endearing to think about now. 

I went to SVCE ( Sri Venkateshwara Engineering college) 40 kms from Chennai, India. My life began at 7 .30Am in the bus to college till 6.30 PM when I got back home only to get on the phone with or hang out with the people I just saw and hung out with an hour ago !!! This concept was absolutely incomprehensible by my mum n dad , for that matter,  by me today !!! What would we talk about so much through 11 hour days and then another 4 hours n the evening? I have no recollection of what we spoke but everytime I think about those days and my pals  from that time it definitely makes me smile. 

As time passes,  we have all dispersed and dissolved into our own lives. Except for a few of us who have kept in touch,  it soon became a case of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. Now, thanks to orkut I have managed to get back in touch with a lot of them if not all, and some of the most improbable people !

If not for orkut, what were the chances that I  would find so many buddies from KG and 1st grade who I had sleepovers with,  the friends from my middle and high school I shared my life with and of-course my dear dear college pals with whom I’ve celebrated numerous birthdays, shared lunches, watched a gazillion movies, hung out with no specific agenda or reason for hours together simply enjoying the companionship and ultimately life.  Some of these people even live in a completely different continent and timezone apart from where I live !

For this, I am really thankful to this computer/internet dominated world 🙂


3 Responses

  1. … and thankful for the ‘friendship’ requests as well 😀

  2. There are always weeds in any system. But yes for the ‘Generation X’ like you (:P) , I understand this aspect of “out n the open” is mind boggling 😉

  3. Well, well, in “my generation” – we used to be respectful of elders and not wink at them ! 😛

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