Here are some more fun oxymorons I’ve come across :

Zero deficit;  xenophobic foreign secretary;  wealthy professor;  wedded bliss ;  We’re alone;  to infinity and beyond;  Taliban intelligence;  computer science;  better than new; brief speech;  dry martini;  express line;  Ethiopian Feast;  equal opportunity;  even odds; free society;  fatally injured;  fighting for peace;  Government Intelligence;  Government Worker;  head butt;  inexpensive medical care;  just war;  least favorite;  Loners club; military peace;  never again;  non-fat cream;  numbing sensation;  one hundred percent chance;  politically correct;  Peacekeeping Force;  pretty ugly;  political promise;  routine emergency and ofcourse non-alchoholic beer/wine & lite beer.


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  1. Pretty COOL list!

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