Pure Hypocrisy

I have consciously not written about the whole Richard Gere – Shilpa Shetty scandal until now because of two reasons 1) Its gossip 2) Its worthless gossip. But since yesterday (with the arrest warrant), I think it has taken a turn from gossip to serious hypocrisy. I read that some of the objections are that it is not part of Indian culture to publicly display affection(PDA) or show or encourage any of this either. The “Hindu council” is very against this I hear. 

Have you seen any Hindi movies or for that matter any Indian movie lately?? No PDA really? Are you sure? The amount of mindless vulgarity, unnecessary PDA and complete westernization of movies is something every one of us has noticed. Where is this “Hindu culture police” then?? Not only just movies, every one of us who have been out of India for more than 6 years know how our metropolis cities are drastically transforming and moving towards western ideals from dating to pre marital sex to clothes to pubs/bar culture to many other changes! Is all of this part of Hindu/Indian culture??

I’m not justifying what Gere did either coz I couldn’t care less but when I think about this situation as a whole, he is an outsider from a country where PDA is their culture. Shilpa shetty hasn’t raised any objections to this, why is the “Hindu police”? Why don’t they actually do damage control and work on bringing back Indian culture to Indians in India,  rather than thrusting Indian culture on Americans?  Indians can be westernized and ape & emulate the Western culture but Americans can’t act according to their own culture? If this isn’t hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.


3 Responses

  1. You missed writing about the fact that Gere was rallying to get international support and funding for AIDS awareness in India. Indian politicians don’t want to touch this subject as it might not have much of an impact on their popularity, so they found one way to malign one person helping the ignored part of society. Gere was stupid to do this in an ancient culture based country, but if this were the 3rd century BC, you’d not have people burning effigies or asking for his arrest. They’d probably cut off his head. So if you want to follow culture, just don’t follow the comfortable parts, you moronic Indian politicians. Let’s give Gere the death sentence!

  2. Hehehe ! 3rd Century BC indeed !

  3. verry good – is this the ‘preferred’ mode of communication these days 😀 😛

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