Stupid Gadget #1

Here is my first ever feature of stupid gadgets. The first honorary feature goes to The Motorized Ice-cream cone.

That’s right. You no longer have to turn your cone around to eat the ice cream. Just press the activator button, and the Motorized Ice Cream Cone does all the hard work of actually having to move your wrist around a few inches for you! All you have to do is stick out your tongue!

We apparently need help in turning around a cone !! How lazy must we be if someone came up with this as a sucessful patented business idea ! Are we trying to avoid carpal tongue sydrome here? 😀

To all you absolutely lazy or crazy people,  here’s where you can get it :

Read about even more stupid gadgets here !


One Response

  1. Good have been good if there was a Thong that came out and pulled our tongue out too from that cone 🙂


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