Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

This is the new brilliant game show on TV. Why is it brilliant? Not because of its contents or the rules or even the questions on the show. It is brilliant purely because its the perfect money making formula FOX has concocted. It has everything that people today are addicted to : A bit of humor, cute kids, mindless & stupid trivia questions and of course the biggest seller these days – people undergoing humiliation and embarrassment on TV. That’s what this show is about.

It’s definitely easier and more fun to watch and participate in this than “Who wants to be a millionaire”, but prepare to see some humiliation, embarrassment and adults who admit they are not smarter than a 5th grader. And yes, following the current trend of game shows, it also involves giving away a million dollars if you answer 10 questions , in this case, extremely stupid and irrelevant questions.

I caught a glimpse of this one episode where the participant was asked this Q : How many sides does a right-angled triangle have? This was the $300,000 question! Imagine how pointless and stupid the $1000 and $5000 questions would’ve been ! The worst part? This participant didn’t know the answer and he chose one of the lifelines of “copying” from the 2nd grader (Yeah, there are kids from 1st – 5th grade there to help out stuck participants) The even funnier thing is the 2nd grader got it wrong too ! This participant lost his 300k , went home with 25k (I think!) .

Ofcourse the child got it wrong!! He may have learnt it in school the previous week, but guess what children do? They forget ! What more was he expecting from the 8 year old? The Pythagoras Theorem?

Jeff Foxworthy, the host, is a funny guy. I like him from “Blue Collar TV”. He brings some life to this otherwise bad TV show! But it’s apparently a big hit, and I’m not surprised at all. How could a show where adults try to answer dumb questions , make a fool of themselves because sometimes they don’t have the general knowledge of a 8-12 year old, go wrong ?

Hmmm, maybe the people at home get the answer that the participant doesn’t and it makes them feel smarter and superior to the guy on TV? It makes the people happy and satisfied that there are others dumber than them?


Kathy Griffin

She’s rude, crude, loud, offensive, abrasive and I totally love her ! She is a very outspoken (understatement!) comedian and she’s what I call an equal opportunity offender. Her stand-up shows are absolutely laugh out loud funny. She has a very natural, “conversation with your best friend” style of comedy which totally clicks with the people. It makes it even more exciting that she is she says aloud everything you wish you had the nerve to say ! It could be any topic from Tom Cruise to George Bush.

In Hollywood she is considered a D-list star and instead of being bothered by it , she totally makes use of it and works in every single A,B and C – list star into her jokes. If you are not into the entertainment scene then you might not get 99% of her jokes. Its all about how ridiculous this “Hollywood/Celebrity” world is getting and how the people in it are.

Some of her TV standup specials are :

Kathy Griffin: Strong Woman
Kathy Griffin Is… Not Nicole Kidman
Kathy Griffin: Allegedly
Kathy Griffin: The D-List
Kathy Griffin: Hot Cup of Talk

If you have not seen her shows, please do !

Even apeldoorn bellen

Centraal Beheer is an insurance company sited in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. It is one of the largest insurance companies in that country. It is usually referred to as “Apeldoorn”. All advertising followed by the phrase “Even Apeldoorn bellen” (”Let’s call Apeldoorn”) is sometimes used as a general saying, in meme-like fashion to mean something like “oops” or “doh”, and it is for this reason that the company is generally referred to as “Apeldoorn” rather than its proper name. Many of their commercials have won the Gouden Loeki, the so-called Academy Award for Dutch commercials.

I am not surprised by their popularity and awards because it is by far the most creative and entertaining commercials I have ever seen! I cannot stop searching for more.

There’s one about Bill Clinton and a voodoo doll, that was taken of air because the US wasn’t too happy (but of course!). Oh, what the heck ! Take a look, its bloody funny.

Acupuncture anyone ? :

Housekeeping :

Prison joke:

There are so many more you can find in youtube and google videos. Just search for “Even apeldoorn bellen ” or “Centraal Beheer”. Trust me, its worth your while, and it will make your day better. Its that entertaining !

Krd Rys: It was always only a matter of time

A very interesting blog item from the Chennaiites !

” Title: Krd Rys
authored by Lavanya
for Chennai metblogs

For about a week now, at several strategic locations, there is a huge hoarding with a smiling Prakash Raj announcing Krd Rys, at an introductory offer of Rs.10 (against the intended price of Rs.16). In the picture, the Krd Rys is all white with touches of green and orange, and its container echoes the same colour scheme. According to Business Line:

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd has come out with `Krd Rys’– possibly the world’s first branded curd rice offering. The company owns brands such as `Arokya’ milk, `Komatha’ milk, `Santosa’ milk (targeted towards hotels and caterers) and `Arun Ice cream’ and launched `Krd Rys’ recently in some parts of Tamil Nadu. `Krd Rys’ will be prepared entirely by machines in the company’s ISO and HACCP certified dairies. Hatsun operates four dairies at present in Salem, Kancheepuram, Nallur (Chennai) and Belgaum, Karnataka.

At an introductory price of Rs 10 for 275 gms, the curd rice is garnished with mustard, cashew nuts, raisin, green chillies, ginger, curry leaves and carrot.

The product will be available throughout the State in a few days, according to company officials. Details of the investment have not been disclosed but the thinking behind the launch of the product is evident.

Well, well…”

So, what do you other Indians in India and other places in the world think about this? I think this was a longtime coming, not only “thair saadham” but also other packaged foods, Frozen foods or “TV dinners” as its called here in the US. It’s was only a matter of a time before this trend became more and more popular in Chennai. Fast food, take out, delivery, drive-ins, frozen meals, frozen veggies, packaged side dishes are all the new trend and style of living. I can literally feel the western culture creeping in and becoming stronger, enough to take over! Is this good or bad? I don’t know. But I think this leads to a bigger debate of how far would we go for the sake of comfort ? How much of our cultural and day-to day habits would be sacrificed in the name of westernization and modern trends? And most importantly does this new trend even suit the people in India, or are they doing it just because they think its cool ?

Got Methane?

Just as I was thinking about global warming and how fossil fuels are the culprit , I read this article about another culprit causing it…..Cows ! Yup, I too thought it was funny and silly at first, then I read more to find out this:

Cows have ruminant stomachs and eat a diet heavy in grass. Hence a single animal could belch up to 300 pounds of methane a day. This natural gas is 20 times worse for the atmosphere than Co2 and it also dissipates faster. Researchers have proposed many ideas to eliminate this issue like capturing the gas, feeding the cow supplements to reduce methane in the digestion process, vaccination and bacterial insemination.

I’m not going to get into the details these processes but I thought I should make a mention of  this interesting piece of information in here! Go get your copy of WIRED to read the whole article and many more such interesting trends in research.

Confessions and Secrets

I recently read an interesting bit of news on Anderson Cooper’s blog. He talks about this new website called part of the Flamingo road church. It got me thinking why such confessional websites are increasing numbers in these days. In this site, users can anonymously write in their ‘confessions’ or life secrets thats been eating at them or making them feel guilty. They get forgiveness from god in return, like a confessional at church. Lets call it a online church or web church ? I came across another such forum called The Post Secret Blog, also a similar site. Here people share their deepest sometimes ‘darkest’ secrets pictorially.

It disturbs me to think that there are so many people in this world living with such deep dark secrets and heavy burden. At the same time it is also relieving to see that they have a forum or a source of letting it out. It may not completely help them, but at least they have shared it and let it out of their system.

How much of these confessionals and secrets are true? I don’t know. There maybe people abusing this, where they are writing what they would like happen or even fantasize about. There is no way really that we can find out. There will always be viruses in any system, but, if this helps one or two of the thousands of people who write in , then it’s all worth it.

You can find Anderson Cooper’s blog and the ‘Post Secret’ blog under “Blogs I read” column on the right.

Stupid Gadget #3

All hail to the Motor-Powered Self-Twirling Spaghetti Fork! Yet another remarkably pointless invention. Now you can now avoid the impossibly difficult task of having to twirl the fork. With this one, all you have to do is switch it on, dunk it into a bowl of pasta, and watch the fork do all the hard work!

The Self-Twirling Spaghetti Fork is so well-designed; it works with Linguini, Fettuccini, and Angle Hair Pasta too! Can you believe that???? Hard to believe I know…but it’s true! It twirls at 22 revolutions per minute. (According to the Institutei de Parma, this is the optimal speed for spaghetti twirling.)

Unfortunately, you still have to lift to fork to your mouth, but they’re working on that. You want to know the worst part, as if just inventing it isnt bad enough? It costs a whopping $27. Imagine, a fork for 27 bucks. Go figure!

And as usual to all you lazy, crazy ones out there, here’s where you can get it :

More stupid, stupid, stupid gadgets !