One hit wonders

I was thinking about all these one hit wonders that created a revolution and almost became part of culture as long as it lasted !! Now I realize that sustainability is an extremely hard thing to achieve in the entertainment business and it definitely does not happen if you have limited talent. That’s what happened with a lot of em.

Remember Peter Andre (Mysterious girl)?? I’m sure us 90’s teens will remember him for sure ! It sure was a guilty pleasure to see his music video after more than 10 years. It got me thinking about how out of control this guy’s popularity got. Of course, totally overrated, silly and pointless seeing the video now. But hey whats the harm in some guilty pleasure here n there ! Here you go, enjoy!

What about?

Khaled (didi) : That was a catchy song, and then what? Nowhere to go but down when you go up that high !!!
Apache Indian (Arranged marriage) : He did some more songs other than this but kinda faded out by the shadow of this one popular song
Snow ( Informer) : Only he knows what he sang (or does he?) but yes it did get crazy cool!
Vanilla Ice ( Ice Ice baby): now all of us know what a revolution this one created in India
Sir Mix-a-lot(baby got back): I never really got this song. It’s absolutely sexist, racist, demeaning and completely pointless coz his rap does not even rhyme !!
Right said fred ( I’m too sexy) : Very stupid song according to me, again totally pointless.
4 non blondes(what’s up) : This one I actually liked, but then again never really caught on and I think they kinda gave up too.
Chumbawamba(tubthumping): Never really understood what genre this song fell under or what it was about.
The Cardigans (Lovefool): Was all great as long as the movie romeo and juliet was arnd and then completely tanked and sunk along with the movie!!
Los Del Rio (Macrena): Wow, all of us know how popular this song, its video, its dance move became and it still is ! It’s now almost a brand !
RedNex(CottonEyeJoe): They made one whole album I think, but only this song and Old pop in an Oak made it big. Again, no clue what this band or their songs were about.
And ofcourse, who can forget the BahaMen(Who let the dogs out) : This is song is such a brand that I still saw it referenced in some Tamil movie recently !

*Phew* …cant think of anymore………But you get the drift…..


5 Responses

  1. BTW Chumbawumba had 36 people in its band!!!!!

  2. Sorry, will have to disagree about ‘The Cardigans’. I am a fan 🙂

  3. Oh I like the song too, just that they fizzled out along with the movie.

  4. BTB, you have make a special category honoring HR – the composer who makes you wonder by repeating THE one hit song

    so technically he is a one hit wonder too 😉

  5. Please !

    Harris Jeyraj is not a wonder by any means. Ofcourse, how he became a successful composer and people actually accept his music is defiintely wonderous!!

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