Celebrities and Global Warming

I’m so sick of it ! This hypocrisy. Celebrities telling us what to do and how to do it. Asking us to change our lifestyle. Every celebrity, be it a talkshow host, comedian, actor, news anchor or whoever, has done a show (more like 50 shows!) on global warming.  Yes, I agree its becoming a problem and it is single handedly getting worse because of the largest consumers of everything in this world – America,  but hey some perspective here please.

Al gore roaming around this country in a monster bus somehow seems to have only increased energy consumption since the release of his movie.

Oh and actors, dont get me started about them. It’s not enough they have their million dollar gas guzzling comfort cars, now they are moving onto owning jets ! Do these jets run on vegetable oil or biodiesel like some cars do? Yes Mr Travolta, Im talking about you. Dont advise us to change light bulbs, wipe with some weird thorny cloth and buy a Prius with 3 jets parked in your frontyard !! No amount of low energy lightbulbs and saving on using paper/plastic bags is going to compensate the tons of emissions and fuel.

And Oprah Winfrey the mother of all hypocrites: heard she dedicated one hour to teaching people how to make small changes to reduce golabal warming. Oh wait here’s an idea, How about NOT giving away 365 Pontiac G6’s just to get some GM sponsorship or some ratings?????? That 169 HP gas guzzling machine is not going to help your “mission” , neither are the luxury jets/cars you own.  Oh wonder if she knew that when she bought that lil 8 million dollar  island property in Hawaii and made plans to build yet another mansion in there, thousands of trees and natural habitats were being killed.  

So pardon me If i get infuriated when I see her and others on TV asking us to use one less kitchen towel, and change one light bulb in the house, buy non toxic cleaning products, use cloth blags and ofcourse buy a hybrid. Maybe she should’ve struck a deal and given away hybrid cars instead of helping wake up a dying GM.

Just shut up and stop making this a popularity contest. Dont use your public image until you are really ready to make some sacrifices. Leave it to the millions of people who genuinely want to do something about it and actually act on it(not all talk). Its between them and us : the public and our repsonsibility to save this planet in anyway we can.


4 Responses

  1. Let us look at this from this angle. Whether they really practise what they preach is one important question.


    there is another factor of how many ‘fans’ follow what their celeb-demi-gods preach is a factor we can’t discount ! even if one person did, it still is a difference ?

    OTOH, blame it on media, if media were to not cover such false-pr-campaigns, why would we even know int he first place ?

  2. I do know there are “fans” that follow but that does’nt make what these celebrities do right or acceptable. SOrry.

    Lets say 1000 of your fans take action…lets say they stop using paper/plastic and use only cloth. Yes, it does make a HUGE difference, I agree. But YOU who asked the fans to do this, MUS NOT go around negating all the effort put by these 1000 people YOUR FANS! by simply using an absolutely unneccesary luxury like flying to your friends house 45 mins away in a jet. Thats not fair to the people . ANd this is where the hypocrisy comes in.

    And yes, Media does play an imprtant role in everything for sure.

    But hey this all purely about personal choice and principles. These people choose what they do. Cant blame everything on the media. They choose the statement that they make.

  3. Oprah winfrey giving away 365 Cars was Her personal decision made by Harpo studios her Production company. She couldve very easily decided just not to. But hey its all about the money, ratings and business right?

    There is always many ways to look at an issue and it can be argued otherwise.

  4. Your blog entry set me thinking…and here is my reply
    I enjoy reading your blogs! Just started anyways 🙂

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