God is not Great

I  recently heard about this book authored by Christopher Hitchens. The premise of the book as I understand so far is , he says the most overrated virtue in life is faith. He also firmly believes and writes that religion poisons everything. He says it is the root cause for racism, class system, superstitions and most importantly it promotes and instills fear of death.

Oh, how my hands are itching to get a copy! Of course you will read the review of this book right here, after I read it.

Disclaimer:  Im not an atheist. Neither am I  a religious person. I merely go about my daily life doing my best to be happy, try to make the people around me happy and put as much effort as I can to be useful to this world. I beleive in finding more of my inner spirit and being 100% comfortable being me.  People say that makes me a spiritual person, I’m okay with that!

I like reading about this whole topic of ‘existence of a superpower’ Vs. ‘Not’  and ‘God’ Vs. ‘Science’ just to see what people have to say and what the argument on both sides are.  I will never pick a side !

This is the book and this is the author.


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