About a random song

I was listening to this song Manasu marugudhey from the movie Pallikoodam. Music composed by Bharathwaj. Sung by Subiksha and Narayanan. She sounds like a pro with a husky, silky voice. He is okay, a bit pitchy though.

I listened to this song many times and everytime I couldn’t help but hum my all time favorite song : Nee oru kaadhal sangeetham from Nayagan (one of the greatest melodies composed by IR combined with Kamalhassan’s Mano’s voice. Truly takes me to another world every singe time !)

This song ” Manasu Marugudhey” is also very “strongly inspired” from Enna solli ennai (Swasame) in Thenali composed by AR Rahman and and it also bares resemblance to Dil mera loot liya in Azhagiya theeye composed by Ramesh Vinayagam. Raagam : Shyam Kalyan

All the other songs in this movie are quite rotten. This one song is catchy, I don’t know if its the music director’s talent or if its because shyam kalayan raagam is heavenly and it also happens to be heavily inspired by some amazing songs composed by other great composers based on this raagam. Well to actually think about it, I’m quite sure its not the composers talent 🙂

You listen and decide for yourself!


4 Responses

  1. How can you still not decide about liking a singer who is pitchy on a professional album, and can’t even studio sing ? is this coz of getting used to YSR, BDini’s singing 😀 ?

    I always strongly object when the word “like” and inspired are used, but the time frame is not correctly associated. Nee oru kadhal is not inspired from Enna Solli, it is the other way around.

    Having said that, i think it is the ragam, and not this song that was the inspiration – ARR has done bgms with sh.k in the past and he continues to do so.

  2. Where have I said nee oru kadhal song was inspired by Enna solli?? Ofcourse I know it is vice versa. It was almost a decade after. You have misread the sentences.

    My Q was is bharatwaj’s talent of composing in Sh.k thats great or would Sh.K sound great no matter what ? Ofcourse this song is based on the raagam, but I also strongly beleive there are many ways of composing music without it resembling strongly another song. IR is the king of that. Composing 50 songs based on the same raagam, none sound exactly the other one. Thats what MD’s these days lack.

  3. wasn’t ‘nee oru kadhal’ sung by Mano? unless there are two audio versions and one of them is sung by Kamal, I am quite positive the one in the movie, was indeed sung by Mano.

    i just wanted to mention it because a long time back even I thought, it was Kamal, and was promptly corrected by a music composer i know and realized it myself after listening to it properly. plsss not to think as nitpicking.. 🙂

  4. Total Epiphany for me dude 🙂

    It is Mano. I have been listening to it in a continuous loop for a while now!!! and yup….It is Mano!!!!

    Thanks again!

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