They call it Gun “Laws”

Read this peice of news? Apparently, this 10 month old baby’s father paid a $5 fee, filled out application to obtain a firearms permit for the baby not actually expecting to get permit. The firearm owner’s identification card has scribble(ofcourse!) where signature should be and the baby received a 12-gauge Beretta shotgun as a gift from grandfather and guess what……also the permit approved by state of Illinois!

And they wonder why there are so many underage shootings in this country. Who in their right mind approves a gun permit for a 10 month old? There is no age limit for a gun permit? This is just shocking ! I cannot wrap my brain around this bull-crap of a system. Apparently, the gun will be kept in the custody of the father until the boy turns 14. Then what? the fourteen year old kid can get access to a gun that has a permit too?

Why wouldnt we read news like ” 14 yr old killed his parents because they would’nt allow him to play his xbox” or ” 17yr old kid found a gun in his fathers room and killed himself in depression” etc. Why give the access of gun to these kids in the first place? Whats the pride in getting a gun permit for your 10 month old son?? I just don’t get this.

I do understand not everything turns bad and that it’s the most effective form of self protection but who knows what will happen. Where’s the limit? If it is merely for self protection, why not put in an age limit? It just does’nt seem right to me to have a gun lying around in the house with full access to kids who are not even 21 and not to mention, a permit to use it. Sounds dangerous, crazy and just plain stupid.

Makes me depressed and sad everytime I think about the gun laws in this country. Is it ever going to change? I guess not.


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