And then there was Cocaine?

For a while now I have been reading and hearing about this drink called Cocaine. Some of the them(mostly kids 16-25) really love it. It’s all the buzz among them. And there are the rest of them, lobbying to get it off the shelves. I read today on CNN that a lot of stores now are slowly banning it. Thank goodness for that !

Of course there is no actual cocaine in the drink, but after I researched into what it does contain, I feel the real cocaine is not half as bad coz at least then you know its illegal, addictive and you know it kills you. In this case, they are marketing it as a legal “energy drink” which is more or as potent as any other illegal drug you can think of.

It essentially delivers a jolt of obscene levels of caffeine to give you that instant burst of alertness and energy. It was started as a competition to Red bull, Jolt cola and similar concoctions, but this one has gone way over the limit.

Here are some statistics:


Brewed coffee – 135 mg of caffeine|
Roasted and ground, filter drip – 179mg
Roasted and ground, decaffeinated – 3mg
Instant – 106mg
Instant decaffeinated – 237 ml (1cup) – 5mg

Tea :

Average blend – 43mg
Green – 30mg
Leaf or bag – 50mg
Decaffeinated tea – 0mg

Sodas :

Cola beverage, regular(1 can) – 36 to 46mg
Diet cola – (1 can) – 39 to 50mg

Now getting to the energy drinks,

Jolt Cola(1 can) – 71 mg
Red bull(1can) – 80mg
Cocaine(1 can)- 280 mg

In case you thought you’re reading the last one wrong , no, It really is two hundred and eighty mg of caffeine. 350 % more caffeine than in a red bull! When red bull came out we all that that was unnecessary and absolutely unhealthy! Imagine this new concoction or should I say instant cardiac disease enabler!

How much energy do we really need? Common really! In today’s world do we really need 280 mg of caffeine? This product is also marketed to kids especially. When did caffeine poisoning become cool and glamorous? Some kids have knocked back two or three of these, and had heart palpitations and even have hallucinations. They say a high hits within five minutes, followed by a caffeine boost 15 minutes later. Huh, Go Figure!


2 Responses

  1. …yes, on maninder singh !!!!

  2. Just read that news abt singh……..Maybe he shudve had this drink instead, he would’ve gotten the same effects without getting caught!

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