Customer Service

Okay, so the lease for my current condo is up and as usual , before renewing the lease for another year, I wanted to find out if I have better options. I went to “Bayberry Hill estates” the hottest property around where I live. They rent out apartments literally every 30 mins ! There is a one year waiting list at anytime of the year.

You know the result of that? Extremely rude customer service and total disinterest in making a sale or even having the basic human courtesy of talking to you without appearing “bored”. The customer service rep who dealt with us (not going to name her) was the worst kind I have ever seen. She is a sales person, and they couldn’t have picked a worse person to do the job. She was rude, offensive,disinterested, arrogant, full of herself and a plain ass. She was not the only one, over the last few weeks I have spoken with a lot of them working there and all of them were as rotten as this one.

She kept hinting to me in the conversation “Our apartments sell themselves, we don’t need to spend anytime with people showing them or answering questions”. Really? Do people typically move into an apartment without asking any questions or without seeing where you are moving into? Which freakin world does she live in?

As a sales person, she is paid to do one thing : Sell. What part of this doesn’t she get? She is paid to do a job of being smart,outgoing, enterprising, friendly and hence make a sale. If she can’t do that, then why is she there? If the apartment can sell itself and they don’t need to waste their time on us, why does she have a job?

So totally not worth the 300 extra sq.feet and the one extra bathroom I get by moving there. I would rather live with one lesser bathroom than dealing with such stuck up ass*****

If you ever hear about them or are considering them, stay away.


3 Responses

  1. do i see more “stars” than there should be – or you give the sales person a plurality status 😉 ??

    well the fact is, why does she have this job is a question that shd be put to her boss, not her 🙂

    what you SHOULD do is “write” to the management recounting your experience without threatening that you’d take your business elsewhere. If that does not ring in a change, hey, the plurality is rightfully earned 😉

  2. Absolutely plural all the way ! They are all ass***** !

    I did write to them formally and did ask her “boss” the Q too. As I have written, she was just worse.

    Sometimes when you are hired as a sales person, you have a sense of what your job entails without your boss having to tell you every time. So it is not only the Boss’s responsibility, its hers too.

  3. Oh I have come across such people in some of the pricey apartment complexes here too…they deserve all the “stars” and more!!!

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