Spiderman 3

A major thumbs down from me for this movie. I thought it was totally bollywood ( I mean the bad soap opera kind) with all the sentimental stuff, all the love fluff and the excruciating 2 1/2 hour length. Total let down especially if you liked part 1 and 2.

The movie was all over the place. Too many irrelevant, unnecessary villains, too many plot-lines, characters come and go out of the blue all through the movie with no relevance or reference.

I love Thomas Hayden-Church and Topher Grace, but just not in this movie especially as villains. Topher made a very non threatening villain with a name like venom and Thomas Hayden church had an unnecessary background story of why he became a villain, how he has a daughter and he needs to provide for her etc. Common, this a remake of the most action packed super hero comic book! You want a totally evil, mean and threatening villain to give the hero his run for the money. Not some sappy sweet dad who happened to go the wrong path into robbery ! Totally not what I paid for when I went to watch Spidey!

The action sequences probably 30 mins out of the 180 mins were okay, the graphics kinda made it bearable to sit through it in the theater. Still not anywhere close to the previous ones.

And what’s with this new hipster side of Tobey Maguire’s character “Peter Parker” ? That was totally a riot and just laugh out loud funny ! He was supposed to go to the “dark” side with this black spidey suit and turn all menacing and sexually charged , but turned out more like a character out of “The mask” !!

A few years ago when I found out Tobey Maguire was Spiderman, that was hard enough to accept. He makes a great before ( Peter parker) but a bad after (Spidey) In this movie he especially makes a very bad spidey “on the dark side”. Every time he tried to be a hipster, he just turned out to be more dorky(if that’s possible!) but in a better suit !

This lackluster movie gets a 3 out of 10.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Thanks for the review…though this is what most of my friends told me too…they said u could afford to wait for the movie instead of searching for a baby sitter for Aakash and going to the theatre. šŸ™‚ God only knows how the other sequels this summer are going to be!

  2. Yeah u r right about it being B-woodish…it even had songs in it LOL

  3. Well it was not just regular B-wood, it was the bad kind.
    There are some B-wood movies with songs included that are totally entertaining and fantastic, but this one was a genre on its own šŸ™‚

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