Insane for a day


This is the basis for a newly invented toy : Virtual Hallucination. This training device created by Janssen L.P is a rig with earphones and goggles that plunges the wearer into the mind of a serious schizophrenic. They say and I quote ” If you’re a cop, paramedic or a social worker who may someday need to deal with someone’s psychotic episode” this is the device for you.

This system offers two interactive scenarios. In one, you are riding a bus where people are appearing and disappearing, birds of prey claw at your windows and voices hiss ” They are taking you back to the FBI”. The other one features a trip to a drugstore where the pharmacist hands you poison instead of pills, hostile customers stare at you in disgust.

It apparantly is designed and developed with psychiatrists and endorsed by advocates of the mentally ill. It is already being used in more than 6 states by law enforcement and health care professionals. Cops underwent training and it made their mind really feel totally chaotic, out of control and crazy. They said this training made all the difference when they dealt with mentally ill people.

You can read more about this in this month’s issue of WIRED magazine.


2 Responses

  1. How about a device that’ll make people saner for a day – that will serve better purpose i guess 😉

  2. Haha , Thats EXACTLY what I thought ! Now That would be a miracle.

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