Confessions and Secrets

I recently read an interesting bit of news on Anderson Cooper’s blog. He talks about this new website called part of the Flamingo road church. It got me thinking why such confessional websites are increasing numbers in these days. In this site, users can anonymously write in their ‘confessions’ or life secrets thats been eating at them or making them feel guilty. They get forgiveness from god in return, like a confessional at church. Lets call it a online church or web church ? I came across another such forum called The Post Secret Blog, also a similar site. Here people share their deepest sometimes ‘darkest’ secrets pictorially.

It disturbs me to think that there are so many people in this world living with such deep dark secrets and heavy burden. At the same time it is also relieving to see that they have a forum or a source of letting it out. It may not completely help them, but at least they have shared it and let it out of their system.

How much of these confessionals and secrets are true? I don’t know. There maybe people abusing this, where they are writing what they would like happen or even fantasize about. There is no way really that we can find out. There will always be viruses in any system, but, if this helps one or two of the thousands of people who write in , then it’s all worth it.

You can find Anderson Cooper’s blog and the ‘Post Secret’ blog under “Blogs I read” column on the right.

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