Got Methane?

Just as I was thinking about global warming and how fossil fuels are the culprit , I read this article about another culprit causing it…..Cows ! Yup, I too thought it was funny and silly at first, then I read more to find out this:

Cows have ruminant stomachs and eat a diet heavy in grass. Hence a single animal could belch up to 300 pounds of methane a day. This natural gas is 20 times worse for the atmosphere than Co2 and it also dissipates faster. Researchers have proposed many ideas to eliminate this issue like capturing the gas, feeding the cow supplements to reduce methane in the digestion process, vaccination and bacterial insemination.

I’m not going to get into the details these processes but I thought I should make a mention of  this interesting piece of information in here! Go get your copy of WIRED to read the whole article and many more such interesting trends in research.


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