Krd Rys: It was always only a matter of time

A very interesting blog item from the Chennaiites !

” Title: Krd Rys
authored by Lavanya
for Chennai metblogs

For about a week now, at several strategic locations, there is a huge hoarding with a smiling Prakash Raj announcing Krd Rys, at an introductory offer of Rs.10 (against the intended price of Rs.16). In the picture, the Krd Rys is all white with touches of green and orange, and its container echoes the same colour scheme. According to Business Line:

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd has come out with `Krd Rys’– possibly the world’s first branded curd rice offering. The company owns brands such as `Arokya’ milk, `Komatha’ milk, `Santosa’ milk (targeted towards hotels and caterers) and `Arun Ice cream’ and launched `Krd Rys’ recently in some parts of Tamil Nadu. `Krd Rys’ will be prepared entirely by machines in the company’s ISO and HACCP certified dairies. Hatsun operates four dairies at present in Salem, Kancheepuram, Nallur (Chennai) and Belgaum, Karnataka.

At an introductory price of Rs 10 for 275 gms, the curd rice is garnished with mustard, cashew nuts, raisin, green chillies, ginger, curry leaves and carrot.

The product will be available throughout the State in a few days, according to company officials. Details of the investment have not been disclosed but the thinking behind the launch of the product is evident.

Well, well…”

So, what do you other Indians in India and other places in the world think about this? I think this was a longtime coming, not only “thair saadham” but also other packaged foods, Frozen foods or “TV dinners” as its called here in the US. It’s was only a matter of a time before this trend became more and more popular in Chennai. Fast food, take out, delivery, drive-ins, frozen meals, frozen veggies, packaged side dishes are all the new trend and style of living. I can literally feel the western culture creeping in and becoming stronger, enough to take over! Is this good or bad? I don’t know. But I think this leads to a bigger debate of how far would we go for the sake of comfort ? How much of our cultural and day-to day habits would be sacrificed in the name of westernization and modern trends? And most importantly does this new trend even suit the people in India, or are they doing it just because they think its cool ?


2 Responses

  1. I think its a good money making scheme even in Chennai, forget the whole of TN. There are roughly 10 lakh people in Chennai. Assuming that at least 20% eat krd rys daily, they’re looking at a Rs. 10 crore/month market. Thats the beauty of India; if you hit the right price point, you can open up a blue ocean market! Now thats the rosier side of things, but I think that while it is a lame idea culturally, on paper, it is as tasty as krd rys……

  2. H,
    there goes a dilbert’ian reference to market share – where dogbert says, that it wants to open a new business – and everyone is sceptical.

    At which point in time, dogbert explains the strategy. There are 6billion people in the world, even if 1% buy my product, we will all be millionaires

    😉 =))

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