Kathy Griffin

She’s rude, crude, loud, offensive, abrasive and I totally love her ! She is a very outspoken (understatement!) comedian and she’s what I call an equal opportunity offender. Her stand-up shows are absolutely laugh out loud funny. She has a very natural, “conversation with your best friend” style of comedy which totally clicks with the people. It makes it even more exciting that she is she says aloud everything you wish you had the nerve to say ! It could be any topic from Tom Cruise to George Bush.

In Hollywood she is considered a D-list star and instead of being bothered by it , she totally makes use of it and works in every single A,B and C – list star into her jokes. If you are not into the entertainment scene then you might not get 99% of her jokes. Its all about how ridiculous this “Hollywood/Celebrity” world is getting and how the people in it are.

Some of her TV standup specials are :

Kathy Griffin: Strong Woman
Kathy Griffin Is… Not Nicole Kidman
Kathy Griffin: Allegedly
Kathy Griffin: The D-List
Kathy Griffin: Hot Cup of Talk

If you have not seen her shows, please do !


2 Responses

  1. onnume puriyalaye !!! – woman, d, cup link’aa ?

  2. Hmmm, Enna purilai? She is a stand-up comedian and these are very funny stand-up shows of her that airs on TV (mostly HBO or Bravo channels).

    She is a D-list star. In hollywood, there is heirarchy of your celebrity value.

    Meaning :

    A-list stars are the most talked about and writtenabout like Angelina jolie, Bradpitt, tom cruise, Jennifer lopez, Paris hilton etc etc….
    B-list would be the next level down like Katie holmes, Keanu reeves, Don cheadle etc etc..
    C-list would be even lower like TV sitcom stars, Comedians etc etc

    Kathy Griffin calls herself D-list because she claims thats how she is treated in hollywood and thats the popularity she gets comapred to A,B and even C-list stars…. This works well for her comedy ofcourse coz she makes fun of and ridicules most A, B and even C list stars most of the times at how silly this whole hollywood celebritydom can get.

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