I use obsolete words????!

I remember not so long ago I was the ‘current’ generation. I taught my parents what a computer was and what it was used for. I taught them to create email Id’s, showed them how to google and what Microsoft Word was! But now, 7 years later, my generation has been phased out ! I listen to kids talk now and I wonder what world I am in. Be it back in my home in India or here in the US, they all talk the same language. They all follow the trend of text messaging 100 times a day, using ridiculously shortened words and have every possible electronic toy by the time they are 13.  I was 21 when I bought my first cell phone or ever even owned one!

Anyway, back to my blog title, I now realize that the few of the words that I (and others in my generation) use are becoming redundant and soon will become obsolete !

Here are a few things I could think of:

I still find myself saying ‘Keds’ and ‘Sneakers’ and I find out that’s ‘Oh so previous generation’ !! Now we have to say tennis shoes.

Oh and do you realize that very soon we would’nt have to use the ‘e’ in e-mail anymore? It’s redundant. Now its ” I read my mail everyday”. We have now gone from “do you have an e-mail ID” to “what’s your ID”.

Who really uses stamped letters these days? Well, I still do sometimes and hey thats why I feel like I’m previous generation.

Newspapers! I still remember my morning ritual when I was going to college, living at home with my parents, Sipping on coffee, reading atleast 2 or 3 newspapers for the day. Now, I goto cnn.com, msnbc.com, bbc.co.uk and wsj.com. Not complaining, but just interesting to note the change, that too in a span of just 7 years.

Ah and how about library cards? How ancient are those? Who really uses the library now,  with all this information available outside and with almost all books available as e-books. Even if you want to use the library, you don’t need cards anymore ! Everything is online, some even deliver to your door!

Who really “Dials” a number anymore? Remember those old phones, My grandpa had one. With an ‘actual’ dial.

My personal opinion on a big change today is : Instead of  “what did you do this week”, its now “what happened on TV this week”. TV has taken over “think” and “read”.

On this note, I found this word called a  Retronym. Its in parallel lines to what’s in this blog. Take a look and do share with me if you can think of any such phased out concepts or words.


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