Stupid Gadget #4

Do all of you face the same difficulty as me in making chocolate milk? I mean, common, its complex ! You have to pour the milk into the glass, pour in the chocolate syrup and get a spoon to stir. Is there an easier way, you may ask…..Yes there is! The Moo Mixer !! 

Another pointless stupid gadget patent. But hey its entertaining ! It tries to make the task of making chocolate milk easier. So, Does it help pour the milk into your glass? NO. Does it atleast help in dispensing syrup? NO. But what it does do is save you the effort of having to take a spoon and stir !

Apparently it forms a tornado vertex of sorts and makes a frothy blend of the milk and the chocolate syrup you manually add in. As we all know and agree, whats more fun than a chocolate tornado?

Wanna try this pointless plastic peice of junk? Here you go :

 Stupid-erer gadgets coming up!


Whose line is it anyway?

This is my favorite improv/comedy show of all times.  I still watch the re-runs every night and it cracks me up! It started as a British radio show, moved on to becoming a British TV series and thank goodness ABC brought it to the US. One of the very few times I agree that American TV is worth watching ! Of-course this was 10 years ago and now we are back to watching crap again on TV.

Anyway, back to the show. Its amazing how they found the 4 most talented improv comedians there ever was or ever will be ! Of-course not to forget the incredibly witty and funny host Drew Carey. This show is phenomenal not only because it has immensely talented people in it, its also because they blend together so well. Usually 5 comedians on the stage is catastrophe coz each of them have their own style, timing and stereotype. In this case all of 5 of them, Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie , Wayne Brady and the 5th guest comedian that keeps changing periodically, all work together and blend their comedy. Its sometimes hard to imagine this is an improv show and there’s no script !
The guest comedians include Brad Sherwood, Greg Proops, Kathy Greenwood, Chip Esten sometimes even celebrities like Robin Williams, Whoopi and Kathy Griffin.

I could never pick a favorite among any of these improv comedians. They are all so uniquely good. Wayne Brady is by far the most multi talented guy I have ever seen! He sings, dances, speaks many languages (atleast imitates so well that you would’nt know if its the language or not!), writes lyrics on the spot, creates characters on the spot and he does all this flawlessly, effortlessly and phenomenally. Ryan Stiles is the wittiest of them all. Although he’s not the singing/dancing kind, there is no one to beat his timing and the speed in which he improvises stuff. Colin Mochrie is the perfect match for Ryan stiles on this show because of how well his physical comedy works with Ryan’s wit. Colin is also amazing with speedy improv.

Its pretty sad that this show lost its steam in 6 seasons ! It was one of the most entertaining, fun shows on TV. There has not been any other since . I wish they would make more shows like this these days instead of the all the reality crap that runs into unwanted 10….12 seasons.

Whose Line is the one and only show that I miss terribly from the last decade and never miss a rerun of , ever ! In case you didn’t know, the reruns are on ABC family from 10PM-11PM every weeknight.