Stupid Gadget #4

Do all of you face the same difficulty as me in making chocolate milk? I mean, common, its complex ! You have to pour the milk into the glass, pour in the chocolate syrup and get a spoon to stir. Is there an easier way, you may ask…..Yes there is! The Moo Mixer !! 

Another pointless stupid gadget patent. But hey its entertaining ! It tries to make the task of making chocolate milk easier. So, Does it help pour the milk into your glass? NO. Does it atleast help in dispensing syrup? NO. But what it does do is save you the effort of having to take a spoon and stir !

Apparently it forms a tornado vertex of sorts and makes a frothy blend of the milk and the chocolate syrup you manually add in. As we all know and agree, whats more fun than a chocolate tornado?

Wanna try this pointless plastic peice of junk? Here you go :

 Stupid-erer gadgets coming up!


One Response

  1. Moo Mixer
    Just add milk, chocolate and your imagination! No more wasting time with dirty spoons, just mix your drink right in the glass! Just hit the trigger button and it activates a mixing whisk. Requires 2 AA batteries and a large appetite for fun!

    OUR PRICE: $ 14.89

    WHAT???? 14.89 dollars?????
    Guys.. if u really want that froth which actually cant be achieved by a mere spoon, use an electric egg beater or simply a regular mixie.. yes.. the very mixie u use for the dosa batter!! 14.89 Dollars it seem…

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