Sanity in comedy

 Oh so true Isn’t it? Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are saviours. I don’t know what this country and it’s people would do without them. It’s so refreshing to watch them both take a go at daily happenings always in the form of jokes, sattires and mock. Ever so often you realize that their mock and jokes is the reality and truth. Sadly, in this country, truth needs to be wrapped in jokes and sattirical comedy to be fed to the public.

The actual news shows and channels are a joke. All of them. They are either left-winged or right-winged. They are conservative-biased or liberal-biased. They are either secular progressionist-biased or traditionalist-biased all depending on the network, the host, the people who own the network and where they are funded from. I am sick of it.

In this world of disillusioned, canniving, calculative, backstabbing, betraying, inhumane politics and life, I find atmost clarity and sanity in the most unlikely of places : Comedy Central.


Atheism,theism and my rationale – Part 2

I was thinking more about this recent post of mine. Here it is , if you haven’t read it.

A quote from that post :

As a child I was taught and brought up with the belief system of my parents, my culture and my society. My parents taught me and instilled in me what they believed was good for me and what they believed was right based on their wisdom and life experiences. I will be eternally grateful to them for that. I am who I am today, because of what they made me into.

But as I was growing up and now as a grown up, there are times when I re-evaluate this belief system based on my life now and my life experiences. I know I have far many more years to go, but at every turn and point in my life I can’t help but think about what I believe in and who I believe in. I am unable to blindly follow what my society taught me or expects from me.

I believe in two things Science and Nature. Science gives logic, proof, evolution pathways to everything in life. Everything has answers when it comes to science. Nature is more obscure. There are no ‘Why’s’ or ‘How’s’ or ‘When’s’ when it comes to nature. That amazes me.

To continue on that:

I do not, not believe in god. But neither do I accept that god exists the way he is portrayed to exist. Be it, Jesus or Krishna or Rama or Allah or  in whatever form.

I believe there is something bigger than us living things. Some energy force, or some larger effect that has created this extremely complex  and unsolvable system of nature and science. But will I blindly say, “Rama created Srilanka or put stripes on a squirrel”? No I will not. The striped squirrel is simply a genetic variation of the family of squirrels. Who created genes and genetics and how did it all come to exist? Now that is what makes me believe there is a larger than us energy force or some super power that has created this intricately webbed and connected world.

I think in those days before Science developed, it was hard for people to get the concept of energy, magnetism and some unsolvable force. So they had to a give a human , more accessible form to this concept, so that people have an image or a face to relate their beliefs and hold on to. This portrayal gave(and gives) stability and a base for their own belief system. Hence every country, every religion has their own form of god, their own story behind the evolution of ” god”.

Am I  a theist for believing that there is something bigger than us and because I dont believe everything just dropped from the sky? Then so be it. Coz the way my brain immediately works is, where did this sky come to be? Did another sky drop it?  Something/some enegry/superpower has created this sky too. So I am called a theist by the atheists.

But the theists in my society/culture don’t accept me as one. They call me an atheist because I don’t believe Rama put the stripes on the Indian Squirrel. They are so single tracked, focussed and passionate(obsessive even!) about their belief that they are not willing to be open up to something beyond their portrayal of god. They don’t even want to discuss it.

But hey I don’t have a problem with being neither. The funny thing is neither theists nor atheists will accept me !!

I have said many times before, everyone does what keeps them happy, satisfied, grounded and sane. Everyone has their own path to nirvana and freedom. Everyone makes their own path to discover their inner self. If my relegion/culture gets people to do that through Rama and Krishna then, I’m happy for them. If Christianity gets to acheive that through jesus, then okay. Same with Allah!

Just don’t get caught up mindlessly in all the religious hype is what I say. If you understand and are fully aware of your religious rituals and stuff, then good for you. If you get the peace and fulfillment and if you are able to find your inner self through your religious beliefs, then wonderful. But it really bothers me to see people blindly doing things they don’t comprehend or even know why they started doing in the first place.

I have to admit, I did one thing which makes my previous plea sound hypocritical. It’s that I got married in a traditional, extremely religious Hindu way. I did that simply to keep my parents and society happy. I admit it. I did not know why I was doing it, what it was all for, neither did i spiritually connect with the whole relegious process. But, I just had to do it, I couldn’t and didn’t want to protest. The ONE thing for which I will bend and temporarily forget my beliefs for and give up my stubborn ways for,  is my parents and that’s just what I did. There you go……. I came clean, I had to, coz thats how much I abhor hypocrisy.

So to sum it all up, I am a theist according to atheists but not a theist according to theists!
I am very spiritual, but not religious.
The theists disown me coz I don’t agree Krishna can bring out 5000 yards of fabric from his palm and Rama can draw stripes on an animal.
The atheists don’t accept me either coz I am amazed at every single atom and molecule in this world and wonder where it came from and how it was created.

Oh boy!  am I screwed or what? Living in this world filled with radical theists and atheists, its gonna be an interesting ride and ofcourse, yes, I will write about it.