Sanity in comedy

 Oh so true Isn’t it? Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are saviours. I don’t know what this country and it’s people would do without them. It’s so refreshing to watch them both take a go at daily happenings always in the form of jokes, sattires and mock. Ever so often you realize that their mock and jokes is the reality and truth. Sadly, in this country, truth needs to be wrapped in jokes and sattirical comedy to be fed to the public.

The actual news shows and channels are a joke. All of them. They are either left-winged or right-winged. They are conservative-biased or liberal-biased. They are either secular progressionist-biased or traditionalist-biased all depending on the network, the host, the people who own the network and where they are funded from. I am sick of it.

In this world of disillusioned, canniving, calculative, backstabbing, betraying, inhumane politics and life, I find atmost clarity and sanity in the most unlikely of places : Comedy Central.


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