Think about this….

I found this very interesting post in one of my favorite blogs written about my home, Chennai, India. Its authored by the current generation chennaiites.

Their recent blog was titled : Think about your head, While you still have one.
With this picture.


Everything has been tried to enforce this law. But law in India is something that is meant to be broken and is very easily broken as we know.

Their most recent Solution to this problem ? Rupees 100 fine for the first time caught without helmet, and Rs 300 for repeat offenders. It is a noble thought. I’m glad that there is some form of ‘rule’ finally being made and they are trying yet another plan for the Nth time, but I am sorry that they have made yet another unsustainable, logic-less plan.

What system is currently there to keep track of your traffic record? If you are caught by the traffic cops, there is no fully functional system where the ticket they write goes into any record ! If you are caught for the 10th time without a helmet, you can always claim to be a first time offender and get away with a mere 100 Rs fine. And whats with these numbers? In this recent time of exponential inflation in spending, extreme buying power and with every graduate and youngster earning 5 digit salaries, how serious does Rs 100 sound?

The sales of coffee and tea in hip new cafes that sell for more than Rs 100 are hitting the roof and is all in fashion these days, don’t they know? When they have more than 100 to dispose on coffee, how scared or serious are they going to be about this?

Got to wait and see what happens.


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