Napolean Dynamite

I am a big fan of dry, wry, obscure humor and this movie is the holy grail of all such comedies.

Jon Heder simply rocks as Napoleon, an awkward teenager with an insatiable love for martial arts (which he sucks at), drawing portraits and non-existent animals (which he sucks at) and dance(which he’s awkwardly but hilariously good at). But it’s ok that he sucks – that’s the point. Heder with his huge glasses and red hair, is so perfect for this role and totally justifies it. He’s my rock star ! Heder delivers his dialogue with such passion and timing that a word like “Gosh!” will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. He’s so desperate for attention and so full of crap that you actually find him endearing. He  captivates and captures the geek inside every one of us.

Adding to this insanity is Aaron Ruell as ‘Kip,’ Napoleon’s 31-year-old internet-chatting brother, the understated Efren Ramirez as ‘Pedro,’ Napoleon’s Mexican best friend, and the cute Tina Majorino as Deb, the love interest. Pedro and Napolean as BFF’s(best friends forever) have just made history with their absolutely hilarious chemistry and comedic timing.

Napoleon is a unique character in that he has almost no fear. Be it chucking oranges at his Uncle’s truck, standing up to the school bullies or dancing(awkwardly ofcourse!) his heart out for a friend in front of the entire school, he gives it all without any hesitation or embarrassment. That takes guts.

This movie is so relatable that we feel like we’ve been there ourselves. We’ve all felt like outcasts or geeks at one time or another, and now we have a hero. Under the guise of some of the dumbest and wackiest humor ever , this movie definitely has the potential for a classic in my opinion! This movie has now gone into my list of all time favorite classics.

It’s one of those movies that you watch over and over until you begin quoting the lines to your friends, downloading pictures off the internet, wathcing clips on youtube and reminiscing about your favorite memorable scenes.

I rate this movie a perfect 10 out of 10.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah it definitely is wry humor…liked the movie a lot, but dont really know if i would rate it a 10…loved the karate scene though..LOL

    one of the recent movies that i would rate a 10 would have to be Lords of War…different genre but yeah very dark humor.


  2. I would have to agree with you on Lord of war.

    I rated this movie a 10 solely based on the refreshing new outlook it brought to movies. Instead of the same old sex-comedy or ranchy humour that is popular these days, this was 100% Clean fun.

  3. Did you also see Children of Men?

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