The Zimmers

I doubt if you have heard about this band before. Let me tell you first that they are true Rock Stars! I saw them on the ‘Tonight show with Jay Leno’ last night and they brought a smile to my face. Really inspiring and an absolutely charming bunch! Here’s a bit of info on them:

The Zimmers are a British band, and thought to have the oldest members in the world: the lead singer is 90 , and the oldest member, is 100. The band was created as a feature in a BBC TV documentary to give a voice to the feelings of isolation and imprisonment suffered by the elderly, in which the band recorded a single. Since then, they have taken off and their single called “My Generation” is #26 in the UK charts.

Around 40 people appear on the My generation track and video, with a total age of around 3,000 years. Among them are:

  • Winifred Warburton (99)
  • Tim O’Donovan (81)
  • Barry Foy (69) (Drums)
  • Alf Carretta (90) (Lead singer)
  • Gillian (Deddie) Davies (69)
  • Peter Oakley (79)
  • Buster Martin (100)
  • Grace Cook (83)
  • Charlotte Cox (84)
  • Jessie Thomason (85)
  • Vera Welch (80)
  • Ann Sherwin (79)
  • Norma Walker (90)

They are all extraordinary people. Like in any other country, they are disregarded and kept aside because of their age. But guess what, they are not ready to take it. That resilience, that fire and their passion for life amazes me. At 100, or even 90 or 80, its easy to give up on life and say your life is over , sit in a corner, brood and wait for death to come. OR you can get out and live your life truly until the day you die. These people are the ideal example to look upto and follow. I wish I (and our generation) can be half this enthusiastic and passionate about living our life to the fullest every single day. I sure am going to try, How can I not? That’s the contagious jubiliance and happiness they spread.

Please do search them out on the web to read more about them and watch their music video on youtube.


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