Movie Marathon Saturday

My plan for tomorrow ? A three movie day ! Plan to watch ‘Sicko’, ‘Ratatouille’ and ‘Live free or Die Hard’. Diversity at its best eh? 

As far as I’ve read and seen in snippets, I know for a fact that I will enjoy Sicko (like I do all of Moore’s movies and books). They say Ratatouille is Pixar’s best ever and I wonder if it will be. For me their best yet is Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc, both absolute delights (if you haven’t watched them yet, please do!). I am almost sure Live Free or Die Hard will be a Bollywood-ish masala entertainer, but hey I love those too. Ofcourse I do, I’m Indian, how can I not like entertainers ? Heck, I just saw Sivaji last weekend!!!!

My full reviews coming up…..

Oh and Yes, I’m finally back after a little break and it feels good to be back in the blog world!


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