Follow up

Phew, there comes the end of Saturday and as per plan(Ref: yesterday’s blog), I saw three movies. Marathon indeed. One small change, I couldn’t make it to ‘Ratatouille’ and ended up watching ‘Knocked Up’ instead.

This was my Saturday:

– Woke up at 8.00 AM
– Made it to the 10.20 AM show of ‘Sicko’ (Okay, if you have never tried a movie this early, you should try it !) First of all the cost of ticket is 50% lesser. And being a Saturday, there were quite a few people there too! I hate going to movies when the theatre is empty. I enjoy the movie better with crowds. To me, their reactions adds to the movie watching experience!
-After the movie, we got some lunch at 12.30 PM
-Went grocery shopping (yeah exciting right?!), got the stuff home, loaded up my refrigerator and this took me 3 hrs. Yup, a whole lot of shopping got done.
-Got coffee and went into the 4.15 PM show of ‘Live free or Die hard’. By this time the theatre was crowded! Mostly kids , thanks to Ratatouille’s release ! Reasonable # of people for the Die hard movie too.
-Movie ended at 6.40 PM, I got a little break and went into the 7.40 PM show of ‘Knocked up’. Ofcourse it was house full. Saturday night, a sex comedy thats gross and R rated, common its a no-brainer.
-Got back home at 10 PM and I’m Done !

Don’t really know what got into me, but its been a while since I’ve done this (more like never). I have seen 2 movies in a day quite a few times before but never more. I have to say, it was actually fun. I was totally jobless and I love movies, theatre and the whole experience so much ! I wish I could make a living reviewing movies. That would be so awesome ! 

My day started with a thought provoking and absolutely phenomenal ‘Sicko’ and then moved on to a totally adrenaline pumping, anxiety ridden, edge of the seat action packed, geek-heaven and totally cool Die Hard (Live free) with a decade appropriate plot. Lastly was the extrmely gross, kinda funny(not!), dry, wry, sex comedy ( ?) ‘Knocked Up’. I’m still not sure if I liked this movie or not. Maybe by tomorrow when I sit to write a review I would’ve made up my mind !

Reviews coming up soon….Good night.


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