Madhu Balakrishnan

This name doesn’t sound too familiar does it ? That’s because little is talked about him. Hence, I decided to ! He is slowly becoming one of my favorite male playback singers of this generation. I very strongly hold the opinion that after singers like SPB, Yesudas and Mano there is no one to really take over and hold the same place they once did and still do. Madhu Balakrishnan(MB) along with other young singers like Karthik, Balram and Tippu from this generation are now proving themselves with their phenomenal voice and singing talent.

Although some feel Madhu Balakrishnan(MB) falls under the stereotype of another malayalee singer sounding somewhat like Yesudas, Jayachandran or Sreekumar, I definitely feel he breaks that mould with his *very* distinct voice. Master of melody is what he is. His voice has a natural, flawless melodious tone to it that absolutely works for composers with great flair for melody like Illaiyaraja and Vidyasagar.

He has done wonders in songs composed by my favorite, the king of rhythm& melody, Illaiyaraja and other good composers like Vidyasagar, Karthik Raja and sometimes even Ramesh Vinayagam! He has also sung for others like Harris Jeyraj, D.Iman, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Praveen Mani, SA Rajkumar,Sabesh Murali etc

Here are some of my absolute favorites(in this order) sung by MB. If you love a good melody, please do take some time to listen to these songs. I assure you, its worth it.

(Song: Movie: Composer: Singer)

Piraiye Piraiye: Pithamagan : Illaiyaraja : MB solo
Pillai Thaamarai : Album : Karthik Raja : MB solo
Kanaa Kanden : Parthiban Kanavu : Vidyasagar: MB solo
Yen Swasathil : Jerry : Ramesh Vinayagam : MB and Kalyani
Ding Dong : Ji : Vidyasagar : MB and Madhushree
Konja neram : Chandramukhi : Vidyasagar : MB and Asha Bhosle
Vizhiyum Vizhiyum : Sadhurangam : Vidyasagar : MB and Harini
Atrai Thingal : Sivappathigaaram : Vidyasagar : MB and Sujatha
Maatram Ondre (Manmeedhudhaan) : Em Magan : Vidyasagar : MB solo
Oru Kili : Paramasivan : Vidyasagar : MB and Sujatha
Pesa Madandhaiye : Mozhi : Vidyasagar : MB solo

Some of his Malayalam masterpieces, My favorites in this order,

Ponnavanippaadam : Rasathanthram : Illaiyaraja : MB and Manjari
Ariyathe : Kanmashi : M.Jayachandran : MB solo
Pottu Thottu : Nammal Thammil : Vidyasagar : MB solo
Chembakame : Kakkakurumban : M. Jayachandran : MB solo
Chentharmizhi : Perumazhakaalam : M.Jayachandran : MB and Chitra
Kanakassabathalam : Udayapuram Sulthan : Kaithaparam Viswanathan
Guruvayoor : Aanachandam : Jaison J Nair : MB solo

All the above listed songs are my personal favorites, straight out of my Ipod ! If you know of any other good ones please do share them. I am always waiting to expand my music database.


19 Responses

  1. Good one.

  2. the song for which he got the kerala state award in 2002 is really a good one. Infact i was under the impression it was sung by yesudas till a couple of weeks back!!. teh song is amme amme from valkannadi. u can easily find it from musicindiaonline.

  3. Arvind gave me your blog address.. havent read a lot of your posts yet, but couldnt help the ‘music review’ tag.. so dived in and landed here..

    just wanted to add another beautiful MB song to your list..i think its MB+ Sadhana.
    Movie – Majaa
    Song – Sollitharava.


  4. Hey Arun ! Oh yes this ‘Majaa’ song is fantastic. It slipped my mind, thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Hi, I have been trying to find a site where i can download Ariyathe from the film Kanmashi. If you know of any sites please let me know.


  6. Hi,

    I feel there is a big shortfall in your list. There has been a hindi patriotic album sung by him.. Its called DESH. Have you heard any song from that? My god.. i became a fan after seeing his variery there… u can get one picturized song in youtube.. search for “Jaago India”

    Do get hold of one if u can..

  7. Hello Jose,

    Thank you very much for your comment and bringing more Madhu Balakrishnan information to the conversation!


  8. Did u happen to hear that song supriya?


  9. Jose, Yes I did. Thank you very much for pointing it out. His voice is as smooth as melting butter doesn’t it!

  10. I was listening “Vaa Vaa En Devadaye” song from the tamil film “Abhiyum Naanum” the other day, I felt he is havin the same style of singing as of Yesudas….

  11. was listening “Vaa Vaa En Devadaye” song from the tamil film “Abhiyum Naanum” the other day, I felt he is havin the same style of singing as of YesudasThank you very much for pointing it out. His voice is as smooth as melting butter doesn’t it!

  12. Hi

    Thanks for this post. Madhu Balakrishan has a divine voice and an excellent classical base. I myself didn’t pay much attention to him after some of his Tamil hits, which I love. But now, after the exposure he has been getting on a Tamil TV music competition (Sangeetha Maha Yutham), I have been checking out his latest songs and am bowled over. He is really underrated and his work needs more publicity. He should have got a National Award for the Tamil song “Pichai pathiram”, which won him a Mirchi award recently. I also love his Malayalam songs. Ariyathe from Kanmashi is so mellifluous. As I write this, I am downloading some of his Malayalam songs from East Coast audios, a legitimate site for paid downloads.

  13. He is disctinctly above all new male singers. The recent Ilayaraja’s Nan kadavul ” Pitchai patiram” is simply superb and no one can sing other than madhu Balakrishnan. The song moved every one and with hismesmerised voice.In one of the TV program a contestant virtually weeped and all judges also weeped for this song. such was the miracle Madhu made. We expect many more laurals from this great singer.Select melodious songs which is forte and avoid going to group head to SUN TV’s music contest program. It is below his dignity, I feel.

  14. The title song of Vijay TV’s MAHAN (daily at 5:30 PM)was sung by Madhu balakrishnan. His voice is electrifying us and takes us nearer to those great saints.

  15. “VAA Vaa En Devadaye” Song is my favourite song. You voice is exactly Dr. Yesudas Sir. every day I will listen this song. this is relaxing my mind, many thanks Madhu. I saw sangeetha magayetham in Sun TV. You songs all are great. All the best and God bless you….

  16. I have also become a big fan of Madhu Balakrishnan. I am astonished why A R Rahman has not recognized him at all! Kudos to Ilaiaraja and Vidyasagar! Lots of thanks too.

    I bought the song “Thenral enum thereri” and I never regretted it. And that “Kanne Kaniyurangu” song! He comes in only at the end of the song and simply steals the credit from Binni Krishnakumar. What a voice! More than that, what bhaavam! Vaa Vaa en Dhevathaiye, I keep seeing my dear departed father. “pichai paathiram Endhugiren” took me very near to God Himself.

    Thanks, Madhu, for singing such soulful songs. May your voice never falter, and keep justifying your name!

  17. Hi

    I share your views on Madhu. I would urge you to listen to “Thendral ennum thear” from “Paasa killigal” and the theme song from Thavamai thavamirindhu as well as songs such as “Attrai thingall” and “Aalapanai”. As for Malayalam songs, the list of his achivements is endless. Maunam vaazhum, Oru pakshe, Madhuvoorum, Anuradha, Kaalam priyamathura kaalam, Thiruvarangil …

  18. his song “pazhakiya raagam” in the album “ormayundo” is so nice..supr singing by the legend singer MADHU BALAKRISHNAN

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