Concert in Chennai


Mark 7.7.07 in your calendars if you are in Chennai. Go for this concert.

I really wish I was in chennai! But the least I can do is spread the word and get great feedback about this event. Its a live music concert by Karnatrix featuring John Anthony an awesome guitarist from Chennai, Ustad Faiyaz Khan vocal/sarang and many other great percussionists.

Here’s a bit on Karnatrix:

About John Anthony:


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  1. Hi…

    just a lil word of tnx to this article in Ur blog, without which chances are i mite never hv known John had his “Karnatrix” website hosted under googlepages… !!! … i hv been waiting impatiently all this while waiting for his album to come out… n the wait still continues… !!! … n today after a casual talk with an old fren o mine, Rex Vijayan, who to the best of my knowledge was part of this Karnatrix project in its budding stages, but moved out later on due to some reasons n currently workin on his other project, “Avial” (, i suddenly had the urge to do a lil bit of googling for “Karnatrix”… n thats how i stumbled upon Ur blog… then from here to that second link… n then finally to John’s website… !!! … tnx a ton for sharing whatever u knew about John, a musician i admire like crazy, but hv never had the opportunity to meet in person… !!! … n now after comin to know about the 7/7 concert, all i can do is sit here n say wish i were in Chennai… !!! …

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