Stupid Gadget #5

This next feature is a Salt and Pepper shaker. Well, that sounds regular and ordinary right? But ofcourse! Why would it makes its feature here on Stupid gadgets if there wasn’t something stupid and pointless about it? Presenting to you……..The farting salt and pepper shaker.  Im sure you’re going ‘Eh?’ and I understand, thats how I still react everytime I see it being sold somewhere !

Check out ther ad and I quote “This is the ultimate party accessory! Put these salt and pepper shakes on the table, and when your guests go to use them, they’ll let out an outrageous fart!”

 Dinner table?? Ultimate party accessory? Really? I would’ve not been bothered if it was marketed as a gag gift for kids or some teenage party thing. Being called a perfect dinner table, and party accessory seems absurd and totally stupid.

Want one?

Craving for more? Here you go.



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