Ratatouille – All about the food

Food deserves a special mention, an honorary one infact. Two dishes prominently featured in the movie are the “Confit Byaldi” and of course the “Ratatouille”.You can find their recipes here – Confit Byaldi; Ratatouille

“A challenge for the filmmakers was creating computer-generated food animations that would appear delicious. Gourmet chefs (in both the US and France) were consulted, and animators attended cooking classes at San Francisco-area culinary schools, to understand the workings of a commercial kitchen.
Sets/Layout Dept Manager Michael Warch, a culinary-academy trained professional chef prior to working at Pixar, helped teach and consult animators as they worked. He also prepared dishes used by the Art, Shade/Paint, Effects and Sets Modeling Departments. Celebrity chef Thomas Keller allowed producer Brad Lewis to intern in his French Laundry kitchen.For the film’s climax Keller designed a fancy layered version of the title dish for the rat characters to cook, which he called “confit biyaldi” in honor of the original Turkish name. While new programs gave an organic texture and movement to the food. Completing the illusion was music, dialogue, and abstract imagery that represent the characters’ mental sensations while appreciating food.The visual flavor metaphors were created by animator Michal Gagné.  To create a realistic looking compost pile, the Art Department photographed fifteen different kinds of produce, such as apples, berries, bananas, mushrooms, oranges, broccoli and lettuce, in the process of rotting.” *From Wikipedia 


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