About yourself….

When someone asks you the question “So tell me about yourself”. What would your answer be? I am not talking about a job interview here, I’m talking generally in life. I’ve had everyone I ever meet at a party or in any social setting, be it friends or relatives from everywhere ask me this. It got me thinking about this and the kind of responses this question usually gets.

Here’s a typical response: ” Well, I work in ABC corp, I have been since 2003 , before that I went to XYZ university and got a Masters, while I was doing that I interned in a research firm and one day I’m hoping do get a PhD…………..” . Have you ever wondered why this is? The question was not “So, tell me what is that you do?” The question was “Who are you, talk about yourself”.

How sad is it that over the years we have merged these two parallel concepts which has somehow made this whole world think and believe that what we do, defines who we are. What we do is merely a portion of who we are in life.

So the next time you’re asked ” Tell me about yourself”, please don’t puke out your resume. That’s total bullshit. Put some life, heart and soul into your answer. Talk about the real you, not the pseudo you that society expects to be.


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