Random thought

In light of the current events happening in my life….

I wish that I continue to have this strength to accept the things I cannot change, things beyond my control,

I hope I continue to have the courage to change the things that I still can,

I realize I have been given the grit and power to endlessly fight and float up to the top no matter what,


I wish and hope to get a sense of serenity and peace despite everything life throws at me.


Quought by Rajesh Setty

Quought = Question that provokes thought.
Questions are important. Thinking is important. Questions that make you think are very important!
                                                                                           – Rajesh Setty

 In the list of interesting quotes, the author is usually a 17th, 18th century literary pundit of some form. In that list, I feature Rajesh Setty a current day contemporary, young, intelligent and extremely interesting blogger.

The name ‘Rajesh Setty’ might be familiar to you if you are a regular reader of my blog. He is also on the “Blogs I read” column on the left of this page. I read his blog almost like a daily ritual. He is ‘the’ most interesting blogger I have known. His simplicity is what captivates me and keeps me coming back for more. There is no snooty fancy words wrapped around his thought, it’s  just all pure words. Invigorating and thought provoking words. Whether you agree with what he writes or not, whether you subscribe to his beliefs or not,  it is more than worthwhile reading what he has to say. If you need a daily food for thought, here is more about him and his blog.

This blog peice is strongly inspired from my favorite and a great quote :

“Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers”

– Voltaire