Don’t criticize or condemn

Here is one of my all time favorite quotes about personal judgement.  Why should we humans judge each other based on anything? To judge, you should be superior. No human is superior to another. Espcially based on gender, race, language, money, class, caste and religion. It is good and necessary to have that basic humility to have a happy life.

This quote will change your outlook the next time you want to judge someone.

“God himself, does not propose to judge man until the end of his days, Why should you and I?”

– Dr.Samuel Johnson


Stupid Gadget #6

Here is the most unappetizing kitchen tool ever – The Peter Petrie Egg Separator.

Well, they say it works, but at the look of it I don’t know if I would buy it even if it was made of gold because of the “way” it works. It’s a hand-crafted ceramic head sporting a quizzical expression and a huge nose.

To use it, you crack an egg into the separator and tilt it forward. This is where it gets interesting…..while the yolk is blocked by the nose, the albumen tastefully drips through the nostrils and into your bowl.

It’s tacky and gross and pointless which is why it takes an esteemed place in this blog under Stupid Gadgets.


Appetized? Get yourself one !

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