‘Super Singer’

I guess the name is pretty self explanatory! Think American Idol contestants are talented? Watch this show on Vijay TV. If you are out of India, its well worth you-tubing! It is mind-boggling and almost impossible to wrap my brain around the sheer number of phenomenal singers in Tamilnadu. They are not just moderately good, they are simply the best of the best.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand Tamil, I would still recommend you read further. Music has no language boundaries. I assure you, you will love it.

In this day and age where movie playback singers who are very bad live stage performers, these ‘super singer’ contestants are a delight and wonder to watch. These days with the boon (curse?) of technology everyone sounds good in the final version in the movie, but not all of them really can sing as great as they sound on tape.

How about picking a few of these great talents instead of bringing in people from elsewhere and making us music fans struggle and flinch at their bad pronunciation and simply unacceptable singing!

Here’s a little sample from this season’s ‘super singer junior’ contest that just ended. In this video this kid Krishnamurthy is singing one of my all time favorite Illaiyaraja compositions “Sangeetha Jaadhi mullai ” from the movie Kadhal Oviyam. Such a phenomenal song brilliantly composed as usual. This is one of those songs that bring me down to tears everytime I listen to it. It’s the magic of pure music and melody. SPB’s voice adds a whole new layer of emotion that seals it all together. It is such a tough song even for a professional singer to recereate, forget singing live on stage ! Watch the judges SP Shailaja (SPB’s sister), Usha Uthoop and Kavitha Subramaniam (Krishnamurthy) in awe. A flawless song, sung perfectly by this kid. He won the competition and here’s why :

The current winner of ‘Super Singer’ is Nikhil Mathew. Here is his duet with Harini that brought him to the finals and clinched him the win. He sang the beautiful “Sudum Nilavu” from the movie Thambi composed by Vidyasagar in one my favorite raagams Reetigowla. Nikhil is another mallu singing wonder in the making joining the group of the greats like Yesudas, Sreekumar, Chitra, Unnikirshnan, Unnimenon, Sujatha, Madhu Balakrishnan and Rahul Nambiar. The judges are Unnikrishnan, Anuradha Sriram and Sreenivas.

Here’s another favorite contestant of mine, Priyadharshini , singing with Tippu yet another fantastic playback singer. Tippu along with Madhu balakrishnan and Karthik are among the few young singers I enjoy. Here is the wonderful “Raa Raa” from the movie Chandramukhi :

‘Super Singer’ airs 8PM friday and saturday on VijayTV. It’s sad I can’t watch this as regularly as I would like to, but thanks to Youtube I will be up-to-date anyway!

Go youtube ‘Super Singer’ and enjoy.


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  1. Wow.. this kid Krishnamurthy’s performance was really mind blowing… Sangeetha Jaadhi mullai has been my favorite too for ages. It just transports me to an ectastic state each time I listen to it. May be it is nostalgia of having grown up listening to Ilayaraja’s countless gems in the early 80s…

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