I smile everytime I read this story

Here is my favorite story/quote from one of the most interesting books I’ve read. I have mentioned this story ( in the “How Happy are you” post)  and reviewed the book previously. The book is “The Practice and Philosophy of Decision making : A Seven step Spiritual Guide” by Neeraja Raman.

Here’s how the story goes :

A big cat saw a kitten chasing its tail and asked, “Why are you chasing your tail?”
Said the kitten, “I have learned that the best thing for a cat is happiness and that happiness is in my tail. Therefore I am chasing it and when I catch it, I shall have happiness.”
Said the old cat, “My child, I too have paid attention to the problems of the universe. I too have judged that happiness is in my tail. But I have noticed that whenever I chase it, it runs away from me and when I go about my business, it just seems to come after me wherever I go.”

This is my life mantra. I try and adhere to it as often as I can as hard as possible. It’s not as easy as it’s said but definitely something worth following.


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