Too busy to take care of a pet full time? Here’s a new company that lets you do time share.

This country’s first rent-a-pup store opened 6 months ago in San Diego. FlexPetz started rescuing dogs from animal shelters and renting them out for a week or sometimes even a few hours. The company did so well that it started a branch in LA a few months back and will be in Newyork city and San Francisco this fall.

Many shelters who are struggling with rescuing pets and managing them think this is a great idea and a win-win situation for the ‘eternally’ busy humans and the dogs that would otherwise be homeless or euthanized. Although it does sound like a sweet deal, what about the dogs? Aren’t dogs supposed to be a lifetime companion? Don’t they get emotionally attached with the people? At least all the dogs I’ve had are! Then what about their life, how confused they must be going home to home , people to people everyday. Simply like a foster child’s life. I think its quite morally irresponsible.

The Humane society of the US strongly objects this ofcourse and it’s president says and I quote ” Dogs are a lifetime friend and a companion. They form a bond with you instantly. They are not a piece of rental equipment”. I definitely do agree with this.

We humans often selfish want instant gratification and in this case they want to have all the benifits of having a pet without taking on any of the responsibility of owning one. Nothing works that way.

FlexPetz founder Marlena Cervantes counters this argument that the firm safeguards its animals through customer screening and mandatory training. She says and I quote ” We are giving these pets an opportunity to be taken care of”.

I still find this very unethical and immoral because Flexpetz costs $700/year to become a member and an additional $25/day during the week and $40/day in the weekend. Anytime money is involved, this automatically becomes a business. Once it’s a business its always about the profit and growth. So, if its about the profit and growth I highly doubt if these poor dogs are going to be a big consideration in their decision making process. Their sole goal is going to be getting as many $25’s and $40’s as possible. If it means throwing the dog around every day from one home to another, I’m sure it wouldn’t matter to them because at the end of the day this is no animal shelter or a non profit volunteer organization where people simply rescue and take care of pets for no other reason than pure love and passion. This a business after all, not to mention a quickly rising, popular booming business.


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  1. wow..i hate reading the news, unless its about some weather catastrophe or something like that.. but one bored day at work, and this article piques my interest..

    and I must say I absolutely agree with you! i’d say you have worded it lightly… methinks the dogs are being pimped out..well, order of the day mate! anything sells! 😦

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