Gun law ? – Yet another example

A 6-year-old boy is recovering after being shot Tuesday night. Milwaukee police said a 3-year-old girl found a gun inside a home near Teutonia Avenue and Chambers Street and pulled the trigger. Investigators said the bullet hit the 6-year-old in the stomach.

32-year-old man who lives in the house told police he stores a loaded gun behind the stove and that the girl got a hold of it somehow and walked into a room where two 6-year-old boys were playing.

The gun accidentally fired, striking one of the 6-year-olds in the abdomen and bicep, police said. According to police, the adults in the house fled with the exception of the 32-year-old man, who was arrested on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and leaving a loaded firearm within the reach of a child. Police recovered the weapon — a .32 caliber semiautomatic. The mother of the 6-year-old who was shot, baby sits for the 3-year-old. She claimed she was out for a walk at the time of the shooting, police said. The boy was taken to Children’s Hospital and was in stable condition Wednesday morning. Possible criminal charges could be filed but police have not been specific. Police said they know the boy and girl are not related.

How sickening and despicable is this? Why were these kids unattended at 10 at night? How did they have access to a gun, an illegal gun?

Here is yet another classic example of the effects of Gun laws (Rather lack thereof) in this country. I recently blogged about it just a month ago with yet another ridiculous news story like this. Read it here.

In 2006, there were 29,569 gun-related deaths in the United States, including almost 12,000 homicides, more than 16,750 suicides and approximately 650 unintentional deaths. This adds up to about 80 gun-related deaths in the United States every day. There were also approximately 70,000 non-fatal gun shot injuries in 2005 serious enough to require at least an emergency room visit. In addition, there were 477,040 victims of gun-related crimes in the United States in 2005.

How bigger of a wake up call do they need to make a change? When 3000 deaths in WTC fumed up such a huge war against the whole middle east, I wonder why ten times more(30,000) deaths every year doesn’t infuriate them or get them to take action. It’s ten 9/11’s every year.

Lets hope they wake up sometime.


5 Responses

  1. I totaly agree with you, I think that we should go farther- I think that police should have absolute access into every home in America. Just think of how much crime would be stopped, how many lives would be saved. Those idiots who wrote the constitution are responsible for so many deaths.

  2. I agree with you Kelley!
    I believe the government should be able to just walk into our homes to protect us. I mean there are terrorists out there trying to get us and our government needs to protect us at all costs. I dont know why people are concerned with wire tapping (thank god Obama supports it, he is the new Jesus Christ) I mean if you dont have anything to hide why worry about it. Guns should be outlawed because they cause so much death and senseless violence. Only policeman and military should use them, we are modern now and our government would never impose a military state or martial law on our own people. And if people would allow police in their house with no warrants there would be no need to have a gun for protection.
    Just remember Democracy comes from the words Demos and Cracy. Demos meaning mob and cracy meaning cracy, literally translating to Mob Rule. I am so glad we are an oligarchy and not a republic like it was intended.

  3. Those idiots who wrote the Constitution? Those *idiots* set the path for you to be free, jackass. A gun never accidentally goes off. When handled improperly an idiot can make it fire, true. Load a gun and put it on a table and never touch it – it won’t fire.

    New York, Chicago, and DC – the three top hot spots for crime in the US. What do they have in common (exception: DC since the ban was lifted) – no one is allowed to own a firearm. It is safer in our current warzone overseas than it is in our nation’s capitol.

    And you people want to take guns away from everyone, giving more rights to criminals? If you don’t like the Constitution, go to England. I’m sure they’ll love you there.

  4. I think the conversation here is about better gun laws and better regulation of guns. Not a debate of whether you should own one or not.

    We keep reading stories about people who SHOULD NOT own guns who do, people with mental illness, depression, sociapaths etc. That shows poor regulation, poor rules around it. The lack of background check sometimes is appalling.

    Yes laws on owning guns was started with an intention of protecting yourself 100’s of years ago, but since then, it has taken a bad turn thanks to such crappy laws.

  5. That is an incredibly discriminating, hateful and insulting comment about England. You have single handedly insulted every single person who calls it their home.

    I am 100% sure the people who wrote the constitution that you are so passionate about did not write in there to hate everybody but your own and insult people who do not share your ideals and opinions.

    I appreciate your right to opinion on anything but stepping on other people’s culture and country to make a point of your own is not cool. It does not make a strong argument to make your point but rather shows hate and ignorance.

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