GV.Prakash – The new composer in town

GV. Prakash is now the most talked about, upcoming music director in Tamil Cinema. His first movie composition was ‘Veyyil’ that released last year . His next venture is the just released movie ‘Kreedam’.

This 18 year old is A.R.Rahman(aka Dlip Kumar)’s nephew. He is the child voice in most of ARR’s songs like “Kuchikuchi” (Bombay),”Azhakaana” (Mudhalvan) , “Chikkibukku Rayile”(Gentleman) , ” Kaathu Kaathu” (Uzhavan) and many more. He has also worked as the keyboardist in A.R.Rahman’s troupe.

It’s interesting to listen to his compositions from Veyyil and Kireedam. You cannot help but notice how similar sounding to AR Rahman’s style it is and it reminds you of AR Rahman’s ‘Roja’ days. Its kind of a similar effect. But, that apart, it’s a good thing to have a refreshing change in the current trend and it’s about time we got someone new ! I’m so sick of the nonsense Harris Jeyraj, Imman, Srikanth Deva, Jassie Gift, Bharathwaj, Vijay Anthony, Joshua Sridhar and many more such “composers” (irony!) call music.

GVP’s first movie was Veyyil. Songs from the movie that are worth a mention :

-‘Kadhal Nerupin’ sung by Karthik and Chinmayee (Harmony : Nitesh). Its an enthusiastic yet melodious and beautiful song!

-‘Urugudhe Marugudhe’ sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Goshal : The ‘melody’ number in the movie, bares some resemblance to ‘Kaadhal Rojaave’ from Roja.

-‘Veyillodu Vilayadi’ sung by Kaiilash Kher, Jassie Gift, Tippu and Prasanna. A peppy folk song. A good song.

His second movie is Kireedom. Songs in the movie :

– ‘Kaneer thuliye’ – The token pathos song of the movie sounds “very” similar to “Poongatrile” song from Uyire (“Eh Ajnabee”from Dilse) composed by ARR ofcourse. Sung by Vijay Yesudas.

– ‘Vizhiyil Un Vizhiyil’ – A lively melodious song sung brilliantly by Sonu Nigam. The female voice is Swetha. A great song, very well done.

-‘Akkam Pakkam’ – Listen to it once and it wouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to realize that the pallavi sounds ‘exactly’ like “Snegithane” from Alaipayuthey. Sadhana sargam’s voice in both these songs adds to this similarity. She ofcourse has kept exactly the same way of singing and of course still the same absolute massacre of the language.
This song I wouldn’t classify as a replica because it has been tweaked quite a bit in comparison to Snegithane, but overall, it all falls under the same skeleton!

– ‘Kanavellam’- An enthusiastic situation based song which makes sense more if you watch the movie. Sung well by Jayachandran and Karthik. A good song just because it doesn’t sound like any of the currently existing ARR songs.

GV Prakash’s music is 99.99% similar to Rahman’s style. While Rahman’s first movie Roja was a major departure from the ‘then prevailant and popular’ Illaiyaraja’s style (which is why ARR’s became big and has lasted this long), I wonder how big of a change/difference GV prakash’s music is from current day composers including his own uncle.

Despite these two big musical hits, G.V.Prakash would be better off differentiating himself from his peers.

Every single song in Veyyil and Kireedom can very easily be confused for an ARR composition. The background score in both these movies are exact recreation of ARR’s style. Right from the instrument choice, to the beats, the arrangement of the instruments and most importantly the sound engineering. Do you classify this as “similar style” or just a replica?

Can’t say much from two movies, lets wait and see how consistent and good he is. I really do wish he is the next break out composer because Tamil cinema is in desperate need of a refreshing new outlook on music and severely in need of good music. At least I am!


3 Responses

  1. First, “…I’m so sick of the nonsense Harris Jeyraj, Imman, Srikanth Deva, Jassie Gift, Bharathwaj, Vijay Anthony, Joshua Sridhar and many more such “composers” (irony!) call music…”

    How surprising to note that YSR the most popular/leading composer of the day does not find even a mention in this list. I’d say he “leads” the pack in creating crap.

    Second, totally agree as to how this guy sounds a lot like ARR – and also agree, similar sounding it is, it still is better than, crap the above list composes

    Third, your comment about ARR’s style def. comes across as negative, but i know you dont mean it that way. A change in style does not guarantee long lasting success – the first and most important foundation is good-stuff 🙂 …. “a major departure from the ‘then prevailant and popular’ Illaiyaraja’s style…which is why ARR’s became big and has lasted this long…”

    and finally, Kireedam may not be his second – he had some other movie too, i can’t recall…

  2. Well, Considering this is my blog where I write my opinions, My opinion is, YSR is not half as bad as harris jeyraj and all the other crappy Music directors I have mentioned in that list.

    GVP has done some other stuff, but these two are his musical ‘hits’. The other one quite non-descript…..

    And I absolutely disagree and take offense to your stmt that I have written negative about ARR. Maybe its your bias. If anything I have written positive. I have mentioned that ARR created a whole insitution of music very different to the then existing institution of illaiyaraja.

    I agree that you need good stuff to last long, but unfortunately today in tamil cinema style and trend takes the front seat and actual musical genius takes a back seat.

    It so happens that ARR has both his own trend/style and the good stuff. But Sadly you dont need both to become a success these days.

    Example :

    Karthik raja does great stuff, has done some great music, has decently enough good stuff, but hasn’t made it SOLELY because his songs always end up sounding like illayaraja’s. He failed to make a style on his own.

    THE ONLY reason harris jeyraj is even surviging is because he has created a Style. there is NO STUFF there. ONLY his standard STYLE is keeping him alive. not his genius or even remotely his talent. Not only harris, Every music director that exists today I would classify under this category.

    Except, Vidyasagar, Illaiyaraja and ARR.

  3. Madam, before you take offense – pls re-read 😛

    “Third, your comment about ARR’s style def. comes across as negative, but i know you dont mean it that way.”

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