Cuddle Party

Sounds weird? Yup, I thought so too! Apparantly this concept is the new thing to do. And the more I read about it I realize a lot of people know about it and talk about it!

Here is what it is and I quote Reid and Marcia , the co-creators of Cuddle Party.

“Cuddle Party is a playful social event designed for adults to explore communication, boundaries and affection. The brainchild of two relationship coaches, Cuddle Party was conceived in Feburary 2004. Since then, Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski have sought to bring clean, safe, welcomed affection to the world through these events.”

Want to find out more about what it actually is? Click Here.

I don’t really know how this would help. To me it’s just an uncomfortable situation for two adults to be in. But I guess it works for some people and all the reviews say there is something interesting and captivating about it.

I never want to find out what is interesting about it. I’d rather live with that ignorance!

Do you wanna find out what, where, how and when? Here is their link.


Stupid Gadget #7

‘Sour Flush Candy’ makes it next into my list. It takes guts to market candy inside a plastic toilet bowl. But they took it a step further… quite a few steps further! They added edible toilet plungers!!!!

When you open the lid of the toilet, you find powdered sour candy. “So how do I eat the powder?” you may ask.Thats where the edible plungers figures in. You lick the plunger,  then dip it into the toilet. Then you remove the plunger and lick off the sour toilet powder that stuck to your plunger.

Now doesn’t that sound delicious?

It’s like the inventors sat around the table trying to think up the most disgusting thing a human can do. “Hey, nobody would ever stick a plunger in a toilet and then lick it off! Let’s make THAT into a candy!”

Each package of Sour Flush Candy comes with one toilet bowl filled with powder and two edible plungers. The cost of this totally mindblogglingly stupid idea? Check it out :



I love this picture because it is very important to visualize and see what matters most.


and the ONLY thing that matters most is how you see and perceive yourself.

Essence of Life


Read the words beyond this literal translation in english and the raw words. There is a sense of pure bliss and a huge sense of relief that creeps up when it truly hits you and when you really get it.

Wachovski ‘Brothers’ ?


Do they look familiar to you?  They are the Wachovski brothers. Laurence ‘Larry’ Wachovski and Andrew ‘Andy’ Wachowski the famous creators and directors of The Matrix Series.

Ok so……In this picture do you see the wachovski ‘brothers’ ? Hmm thats the news. Larry is now Lana.

Some say NOT! Whatever it is, sure makes great publicity for them.

More Russell Peters!

I spent my Friday night very productively! Doing what? Well, I went for a standup comedy show at the Comedy connection, Boston. Oh and It was my favorite comic mastermind, Russell Peters performing. And he did not disappoint!

He was just mindblowingly funny! My whole face was hurting with all the laughing and don’t even get me started about my jaw ! I have heard about the phrase ‘laughing until your sides split’. This was the first time I experienced it.

Sorry I couldn’t record any of it, but you can check him out when he visits your town. Here’s where to find out when and where.

Read more about him and check out some of his videos here. Check out more funny people performing at the Comedy Connection in Boston.


Yup, I’m back from it. Apologize for the sudden disappearance. You know how it is, just when you are going about your usual shcedule and routine……Life happens!

But I’m back now and back to blogging and really looking forward to it!