Stupid Gadget #7

‘Sour Flush Candy’ makes it next into my list. It takes guts to market candy inside a plastic toilet bowl. But they took it a step further… quite a few steps further! They added edible toilet plungers!!!!

When you open the lid of the toilet, you find powdered sour candy. “So how do I eat the powder?” you may ask.Thats where the edible plungers figures in. You lick the plunger,  then dip it into the toilet. Then you remove the plunger and lick off the sour toilet powder that stuck to your plunger.

Now doesn’t that sound delicious?

It’s like the inventors sat around the table trying to think up the most disgusting thing a human can do. “Hey, nobody would ever stick a plunger in a toilet and then lick it off! Let’s make THAT into a candy!”

Each package of Sour Flush Candy comes with one toilet bowl filled with powder and two edible plungers. The cost of this totally mindblogglingly stupid idea? Check it out :



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