Have you watched the caveman commercial for that auto insurance company that became so unbelievably popular ? You must have because it runs only a 100 times a day! If you haven’t seen it yet, Here are all of them :

The caveman in all these ads are depicted as an expressive bunch who are always upset with the world’s view of their intelligence and the world’s stereotypes of the cavemen. The commercials when first released did seem kinda funny. The pissed-off cavemen made me laugh, but I think it is very tricky to expand their nonsensical 30 second concept into an ongoing sitcom and that too 22 minutes long. I seriously wish that they would have stopped with the quirky and edgy commercial. Making a TV series based on it was a bad bad idea. 

The pilot episode aired today and it was so excruciating to watch! Astoundingly miserable execution and appalling dialogs and delivery.  The ‘so-called’ stereotype that they tried to depict made a parallel and took a shot at every possible minority group that exists.  Will “Cavemen” be the first of a wave of commercial-to-TV-show mutations? You must know the answer to this having read thus far! There was not one funny, remotely sensible, logical , quirky or interesting second in the 22 minutes that this enormous mistake of a show aired.


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