The Crash & Burn of Movie Remakes

Recently we’ve been seeing the concept of remaking movies in Indian cinema drastically increase. This has been a common practice for a very long time but they always used to be remakes from International languages to Indian languages. There are atleast a few thousand movies that have been taken from Hollywood, French cinema, Italian Cinema and Asian cinema over the past few decades.

Now the trend is to remake an their own Indian movies that were once a big hit 20 or 30 years ago into the same language more apt for modern times, giving it a spin of current trends, styles and events. This new concept is heavily inspired from Hollywood too, I’m guessing.

Just like “Pearl Harbor”,”Bewitched”, “The longest yard”, “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, “The bad news bears”, “The Dukes of Hazzard”, “Godzilla”, ” King Kong”,” The Fly”, ” Cape Fear” and so many more that have been remade in the recent years. What’s the common thread? All of them bombed.

The exact same state of affairs with Indian movies too. Until now every single recent yesteryear remake I have seen have been astoundingly bad and I’m very skeptical about some upcoming ones too.

Some of the recent Hindi language remakes are “Don” (70’s movie Don), ” Ram gopal Verma Ki Aag” ( 70’s hit Sholay), “Victoria No 203″ ( 70’s movie with the same name), “Umrao Jaan” ( 80’s movie with the same name), “Devdas” , ““Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon” ( 70’s movie Chitchor).  Out of this whole bunch, Don was bearable but otherwise all else were remarkably boring, dispassionate and disconnected.

In Tamil, I recently watched “Naan Avan Illai” a remake of a phenomenal film with the same title from the 60’s. With all the bad expectation I had, it actually was not half as bad!

Upcoming Tamil films are remake of Billa, one my favorite Rajinikanth movies from the 70’s. It is apparently being remade with Ajith Kumar , one of the few actors I actually detest!It’s going to be interesting to see how he’s gonna fill the mammoth superstar’s shoes. Kadhalika Neramillai my all time favorite movie from the 70’s is in the remake lane too.

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