The Lion and the Mouse

Did you watch her Royal Highness ‘heiress’ Paris Hilton on David Letterman a few days ago? She was dragged around, pummelled, pounded and destroyed much like a rag doll.

I thought she took a vow to not do the “Im so dumb in a cute way” act since her epiphany in prison…But guess not! She swore never to return to Letterman a few months back because she felt uncomfortable everytime she was there ( translation: ” He’s too smart for me to comprehend and hold a conversation. Also his IQ is more than 10″) Wonder why she came back to get ragged more all over again!

But then again , she claims to be a “shrewd hard-working businesswoman”, so anything to market your product and make a buck a right? She was there to promote a new perfume of hers(like the other 50 she has her name on aren’t enough already).


One Response

  1. no she is not as dumb as ugly 😛

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