I noticed a string of videos under the name Buffalax in You-tube. On digging more, I found out what buffalax does ; Puts English subtitles to international songs. Think its pretty ordinary? Here’s the twist.

These subtitles by no means are actual translations. To any of you who really don’t know any of these languages, please do not think that the English subtitle in it is the actual meaning of the song !!!

These subtitles are what the song and its words sound like(phonetically) in English , to someone who doesn’t understand the original language of the song. Just follow the subtitles in the video and listen to the original. Its really hilarious!

If you really do understand the original words, its even funnier to see how weird it could possibily sound to someone who doesn’t understand the language!

Boten Anna is a popular Swedish dance number my a musician Bass Hunter. Here is the buffalaxed version:

Here’s one in Tamil:

And one in Hindi Punjabi :

One last video in Telugu: The video itself is quite hilarious!


Read the WIRED magazine article covering this dated 6th November, 2007


12 Responses

  1. My GOD ROTFL Sup – where did u pick this up from ! 😀

  2. Do you know the name of the song or the performers in the Tamil song?

  3. This is freaking HILARIOUS!

  4. I was just looking up Buffalax as well and found that you did your research on the name too. It’s hilarious ;P

  5. […] For anyone who’s interested, there is an article written about Mike “Buffalax” Sutton – “Buffalax Mines Twisted Translations for YouTube Yuks“. And another related blog post here. […]

  6. If there’s anything wrong then she’ll nuke us!
    ..cause we ordered navy lotion. Shit a boat!


  7. @peter – Prabhu Deva – Kailluri Vanil I think

  8. Here is a Russian song buffulaxed in Malayalam, which earned more hits than the original song in YouTube.


  9. The link which Sujith posted here is what made me search for buffalax and look where I got hooked – ur blog!

  10. Buffalax is a genious of this creative and alternative humour and happily inspired a lot of people, oit very good to go home after a work day and have fun with misheard lyrics. HILARIOUS!!!

  11. Just so you know, Tunak Tunak Tun is Punjabi – not Hindi 😉

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